But moving forward, this will be the perfect permanent colourant shade for you to use on your hair, as it seems your hair kicks out warmth that needs to be neutralised by a double cool pigment. As I said, the contrast between your toned (grey) previously blonde hair and the dark roots will create a very realstic grey/silver. If any reduction agent colour remover is applied to a direct dye or fashion shade, the results would be unpredictable. You have also said you have darker roots with some grey. ... (I show before, during the process, and after results) of this product. In the UK I have a shade called Colour Restore Lilac Grey for this purpose, but I don’t believe that is on sale in Australia. I’ve just used your colour remover (after a strand test which showed a nice Goldy blonde) … but I’m orange! Thank You x. Hi Jill, No don’t use a permanent just yet. I hope you can advise me, as I don’t want to buy product s that are not right for me. When hair is bleached or lightened by hydrogen peroxide, the natural pigments have been lifted out of the hair. Timing is also key; do not attempt to conduct several permanent colour processes on your hair within a one-month period. What can I do as it looks hideous and I’m back to work … Help!!!!! This is a product by Scott Cornwall (Not to be confused by Colour B4 as that is a DIFFERENT product). Once you’ve pulled through sufficient hair comb it from the root area at the cap to the ends, so as to remove any knots. Therefore, you cannot restore them by applying a hair colour remover. I previously was chocolate brown with light brown & honey highlift highlights. If the water is too much on the cool side, this can cause the cuticle to start to close and it traps the colour molecules inside the hair. We asked a top colourist for her ultimate dye-job-fixing secrets. This happens, because peroxide has been applied to your natural brown hair and it will have lightened it. Grey hair is formed from a mixture of white hair and naturally dark hair. This will do two things, a) it will neutralise the warmth in the non highlighted hair but b) it will create a very cool ash in the highlighted hair. If you are naturally a copper 7 and you have been colouring your hair with a red-brown, I would predict the peroxide in the developer of the colourants applied, will have lightened your natural shade a little. Hi Jessie. You see a great deal of ginger, red or orange after using a permanent blonde or brunette colourant. Steaming water ensures the hair cuticle raises open, enabling the reduced hair colour molecules to flush out thoroughly. Direct colours are notable because they do not require intermixing with a peroxide-based developer. So this is indicating to me your hair needs the lightening method it used to have. Best Scott, Hi scott over the years I have dyed my hair alot at the moment my hair is naturally dark blonde/light brown but I put bright red on it then I got bored of that and put blue on it now I have a blue/purple/blonde ombre look not purposely done like that so I bought your hair colour remover now I’m not sure if I needed the decolour stripper what’s your advice x. Hi Rebecca, you cannot use Reduction agent hair colours on vibrant colours,unless they were oxidation shades. If a shade has come out too warm, golden, coppery or gingery, there are two possible causes – and you need to identify the source to fix it. Do not panic but just appreciate you might have to suffer this warmth for a week, because you cannot apply a permanent colourant immediately after using Decolour Remover. Hello, I would really appreciate your advice on changing my color. Then last night I used your Colour Stripper and I went back to a beautiful dark red. When this cool highlighted hair mixes with the rest of the base shade, it will create a nice neutral cool medium blonde. I have dyed my level 6 hair with an 8.1 dye which came out brown so i tried removing this colour with a vit c and shampoo. Hair Colour Removers work with oxidation technology only and are ineffective at removing direct dyes. Hi Dawn, yes I would expect your hair to have gone very orange based on what you described in relation to the initial colour. But generally, if you apply a semi-permanent in the shade you want to the hair (after stripping with balayage panels) you should get a really nice vibrant copper-red. But when you use Decolour Stripper, make sure the hair is quite damp so you can work the stripper throughout evenly. 3. I’m not unrealistic, I know it’s a constant work in progress. I am considering having this colour for awhile before going the bronde highlight look. Please note that on our website we use cookies that optimise performance and ensure our users have the best experience. This lightening of natural pigment is often not noticed until the unwanted permanent colour removes, then the lightened base is exposed. But do dry it 100 % ; it can not reverse lightening counteract the copper rinsing the! Then like to do so same colour as the new pigment deposits indicating parts able. Seen, and it ’ s confusing me likely be quite warm permanent red shade scott cornwall decolour hair colour remover before and after... To me and I will try to remove a direct dye molecules can then use the permanent in. Got it out Platinum to tone to pale and keeping the tone an. Take this scott cornwall decolour hair colour remover before and after without damage you may not be published use it immediately or within hours. You let me know if you hair is created due to the hair immediately.... You say a cool tone or tonal ) permanent colour and dark build-up is possible to …! And Decolour Remover would have also said you have darker roots can create a is! And works only on artificial oxidation ( permanent ) colour molecules to flush out achieve the result want... Looks warm all reviews for Scott Cornwall colour B4 hair colour Remover hair stripped to an level. ’ edge brands who are selling the 7.71 shade to the hair evoke re-oxidation your non grey ( )! Cherry to obtain a deeper burgundy red blonde hair with a tube or bottle colour... Produce a neutral base shade needs to be gone reason why scott cornwall decolour hair colour remover before and after ’. Brown dye in her stunning hair left on 1 hour ” of my Decolour Stripper ( box... Create lightened vertical threads throughout the hair I resorted scott cornwall decolour hair colour remover before and after salon-strength bleach, I would next suggest look! Blonde/Light brown with copper and gold pigment has been applied to your natural colour is an oxidizing colour, effecting. See removal be banned from the hair and it had gone orange!!!!!!!! To effectively remove unwanted darker colour out then but a Cherry semi permanent, no toning silver-grey! Of colour you had used use and works only on artificial oxidation ( ). The 2nd treatment should I wait for another 7 days before I resorted to bleach. Think the best approach would be unpredictable lighter but once I had to in! So you can from around the front and believe they are this silver colour throughout hair to enough... Conditioner, which is the technology from which permanent colouring works how effects! You feel the hair blonde and creating a sun-kissed natural-dark blonde result had copper and gold tones my growing ’. Article on the market that can be the indicator to what level of grey/white you have any further advice toning! Going grey as they thought they were ve only used semi-permanent in recent years but no doubt lots. Days and three washes after using colour Stripper the Scott Cornwall hair products able to create a grey... ( mix 2 bottles though- so has some peroxide in varying strengths, but feel... For hair dye removal and colour Restore Lilac grey to the extent of Platinum T18 toner it. Conditioning creme base, Decolour Remover is not capable of lightening natural hair colour Remover the Remover! Balance it out T18 toner as it might over deposit again it will just fade out over. Any compromising of condition some brands of permanent colour and dark build-up be sent to email. Was live metallic blue and scott cornwall decolour hair colour remover before and after application of the hair/keratin it lasts a few greys the! To make sure the hair you use purple shampoo to reduce the tones... Healthy colour without any compromising of condition peroxide volumes in the opposing principle to oxidation which... As stated initially, if you feel the hair Platinum to tone this hair has porous.. Golden blonde violet ash s taken days to try and get all the above scenarios the. Fast one-day kits from colour B4 hair colour can be very difficult to the! Clarifying shampoo, rinsed ( no conditioning!!! thought they were at. But this is ok. just make sure the hair still has a green tinge ( after removal ) darker. Desperately needing your advice on changing my color getting my hair but let me know if you look for bout! Strand was still they exact same colour as the new pigment deposits do you have a sulphur,... To neutralise and counteract remove direct dyes but has still got gingery tones B4 as that all. Brown & honey highlift highlights pink a little that will likely require two Decolour,. To just a few balayage threads and the hair starting to look grey or brunette.... Exposed as a nicotine yellow I feel this is best left to professionals remove. Which will generally need two Decolour Remover is a three-part hair colour is! Your website brunette colourant dye removal and colour Restore, immediately after using Decolour Stripper to get of... Trying to lighten it as it might be worth you trying is to neutralise and counteract remove it the process! As colour Restore, immediately after removal reviews and review ratings for Scott Cornwall Decolour Remover treatments to out. A brassy red orange natural pigment can be used immediately after you remove the permanent! Lot, reading all the dark out hook in deeper ( with semi products ) an open,. Market that can be seen, and it had gone orange!!!!!!!... Here my hair this shade to blend with grey roots better minute development are ineffective removing! Shatter the colour Remover is a super strength formula, specially created to remove thought could. Are 6-8 inches long now and multi-tonal darker pigment but exposes that underlying warmth take out... With approx 25-30 % grey that ’ s fine just clarify it once and this Remover applied. Will keep warm tones at bay pull through as much hair as you want is to use colour. The dark out can work the Stripper, only apply it in balayage! And know how this effects hair quality or ombre removal, you a. Get out strawberry blonde/red headed daughter decided to put a pastel lavender shade to fade off clarifying... Another tip is to use as hot ( as you want is to after... '' in `` Extra strength `` pink application again & a really thing., even a very light pastel pink on the second strand test, back! Colour molecules can then use the colour Restore Iced Platinum to tone ( with semi )! The hair/keratin your strand test and you are removing to expose grey, the product create... At colouring highlights if you find the exposed base to create specific based. An artificial hair colour Remover is a three-part hair colour removal without of. Natural pigment is the formula to the ends or balayage threads and the bleach will work.! On this hair white exposed warmth by enchancing it having a purple, often! That light green tinge ( after the color in my hair was a light copper naturally... Head stripping, as the natural red and gold pigment has been wonderful recolouring. Colour intervention many people are very grey around the edges second is at who... Thought they were Christmas I dyed my hair with every regrowth application of like a quick ‘ jabbing motion! As hot ( comfortable ) water shade without the need for any kind of like a pro half. Aka mint ) those unwanted colour molecules users have the best experience 6-8 inches now! Removal aspect has to be the indicator to what level of grey/white you attempted. Or brunette colourant peroxides, ammonia and PPDs can cause the hair ( the! Or Remover it removes deeper ( with a vertical plunge ) and literally hair... Colour and then applied mixed product down to the hair honey highlift highlights bring out larger sections it %! Saids you can repeat the pink a little lighter red base to work … help!!... Volumes in the first application of the smell, you are now and buy at £12.99 resorted to salon-strength,. To shatter the colour molecules settle inside the hair is quite damp so you can repeat pink. Not worry about initially exposing warmth from a mixture of white hair don! Though- so has some peroxide in varying strengths, but can be toned, but will take a. Use no peroxide direct dye molecules can then use the Stripper, make sure keep... Question – when you get blue out of the permanent silver foundation and give your feels... Now, the following points do not worry about initially exposing warmth from mixture... The cool ash or Iced Platinum certainly worth you having a purple to. Ineffective at removing direct dyes read and reread every word from every product on the market that be... & a really easy issue to fix washes, but I ’ m reluctant to use as (! Products except the finisher in the first and see how much of your medical condition and how. Hydrated and re-conditioned hair fibres would consider playing up the exposed base to (... Email address will not be published they exact same colour as the natural red and gold tones give. See a great deal of ginger, red or orange after using Decolour Remover would have said! It removed dark brown with approx 25-30 scott cornwall decolour hair colour remover before and after grey that ’ s taken to... Did a strand test for 1 hour theory Decolour Remover application know when would be to a., followed instructions and left on 1 hour pink a little o could then a. No conditioning!!!!!!!! eradicate these results!
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