Coastal Fuel Prices (Zone 1A) COASTAL FUEL PRICES (Zone 1A) Petrol 95 ULP: Petrol 93 ULP & LRP: Diesel * 0.05% S: Diesel * 0.005% S: Illuminating Paraffin For all other requirements please contact us at Clear colourless hydrocarbon liquid, flammable, odourless. the product catalogue in stages so please be patient whilst the site is in development. customer experience. The highly refined grades meet the specifications for food contact, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. The Wax Division of Sasol Chemicals is a leading specialist in innovative wax technology, offering our customers in various industries around the world a wide range … +27(0) 11 788 5092, Telephone: For all other requirements please contact us at, Solvent carrier in pesticide aerosols, Rolling oils, Plasticisers, Fibre spinning lubricant, Cleaning agents, Drilling fluid, Chlorinated paraffin, Seed oil extraction, Vulcanisation of rubber for tyres, Blending with thinners, Cleaning agents, Adhesives, Catalyst carrier, Solvent in paints, Lubricants, Catalyst carrier, Solvent carrier in pesticide aerosols, Polishes, Chlorinated paraffin, Cleaning agents, Below you find examples of Sasol’s typical products in this category. In 2007, Sasol closed over 200,000 tons of n-paraffin capacity in Italy. Sasol’s Paraffin are supplied into multiple industries and application areas. Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 02/28/2019 - 16:22. n-paraffin plants would create a supply bubble in the 2010-2015 time frame have been derated with the cancelling of a number of Qatari GTL projects in 2005. Find a Fuel Supplier independently lists the latest and most competitive prices of paraffin, liquid paraffin and paraffin wax in the UK.. For all inquiries related specifically to Inorganics, please complete the email form below. Illuminating Paraffin. For all other requirements please contact us at, Below you find examples of Sasol’s typical products in this category. Sasol Specification and Application Table 39. stages, this means that not all our product information is live. C14-C17 n-paraffin is a clear colourless hydrocarbon liquid, flammable and odourless. Visvin Reddy, national convener of People Against Petrol and Paraffin Price Increase (Papppi), said motorists’ petrol bills would be halved if they could buy fuel from Sasol at a fair rate. +27(0) 10 344 5000, Fax: They range in price - Simple brass ones are R950. Sasol, an international integrated Chemicals and Energy Company is a leading supplier of Paraffin with a wide range of High Purity Paraffin,Normal Paraffin, and Paraffinic Solvents products. 14 shipments match sasolwax paraffin. Bulk pricing, expert advice and the widest range of off-the-shelf and bespoke candle making supplies. Operations include fuel blending and storage facilities at our Secunda operations to turn … Whilst we build the new site we'll be launching the product catalogue in Sasol Main Business and Markets Served Table 41. C12-C13 n-paraffin is a clear colourless hydrocarbon liquid, flammable and odourless. The research report, titled “Global Petroleum Paraffin Market 2019 Industry Research Report,” provides a comprehensive analysis of the market, including an overview, Petroleum Paraffin market drivers and restraints, product segmentation, and major geographical segments. You are here: +27(0) 860 335 444, Email: Over many years the Wax Division of Performance Chemicals has developed its expertise to produce and develop unique speciality waxes for a diverse range of industries. We'll be launching In the meantime please contact us to discuss your specific +27(0) 11 441 3113, Email: Paraffin waxes have been made to produce candles for decades and typically deliver better scent throw and a smoother finish than plant based alternatives.
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