My husband and I built a new home in 2003 and we had green treated decks at our previous homes. Lumber and Boards at Menards& 174; Menards & 174; is your destination for quality lumber and boards for all your projects. It looks great, comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, and some systems come with hidden fasteners, giving it a clean, smooth appearance. Company history: Envision composite decking is made by TAMKO, which first opened its doors in 1944 with a single asphalt shingle line in Joplin, Missouri. Pro tips and tricks to make your deck build or remodel go smooth and efficient. Do you agree or disagree? x 5-1/4 in. We want to use a synthetic product but don't know what kind or whether the squirrels will eat it also. We Go Against the Grain ® — It’s no surprise our composite decking is ranked #1 in Quality by the 2019 BUILDER Brand Use Study. He said he didnâÂÂt want the won't fade stuff because he wanted to keep the cost down. They are priced widely apart so I would assume the cheapest one would have the most problems. I've been professionally building decks for the past five years and my last two jobs with this material has been a nightmare. (Color, looks, Price) and; whatâÂÂs your expectation of the product? I estimate this is a charge of approximately $ 2,000.00 they are asking me to pay to correct their error. Menards ® SKU: 1110656. Unlike plywood, it won’t bow or warp, but it can swell when exposed to moisture. NorthDex low maintenance composite decking is a blend of wood fiber and polyethylene designed to reduce the amount of time and labor spent maintaining . We're leaning toward the Guardian since the wood composite seems to be sealed better on the outside to protect from moisture. After many emails back and forth, Menards agreed to replace the decking only if I agreed to pay for shipping the defective material back to them and also pay for shipping for the replacement material. There are a multitude of problems with composite decking that show up all too often to be just a stray issue for a hard to please homeowner. 12' Northdex Composite Decking at Menards? composite lumber 2x4 - Composite Decking Price 2x4 composite lumber,wood plastic composite lumber ... menards composite decking prices; contact us. Again another of the reasons there are many many things you do not buy at a box store!! Took a total of 15 pcs back to Menards for crap boards. This type of decking also has improved painting and staining qualities. I like the product line that UltraDeck offers as they have a price option for just about anyone. Had a couple bad wood ones the previous summer, glad we made the change.I can say that a neighbor back in Springfield bought what looks like the Natural decking and they were all upset of the fading. We purchased approx $2300 worth of Rustic reversible in May 2012 and noticed the excellerated fading shortly afterwards. For product information and pricing, Chat with sales . Now I don't know what to do?? Would that be an OK use? This non-structural lumber is ideal for landscaping, raised garden beds, flower and herb planters, benches, picnic tables, and agricultural and marine uses. Once again, we really appreciate you sharing your idea, opinions, and personal experiences. No other problems and we love the feel over our old wood deck. I do like the new ultra clips because it does more spacing than the t clips to allow water to seep between the boards. All other brands are out of our budget, and we HATE the maintenance of wood. I have had only one problem though and that is one of the stair boards split when screwing it into place because I had over tightened it. We're also trying to make a decision about decking materials. MDF board is strong but heavy and can be used for projects like building cabinets and furniture, installing shelving and more. I have used it, and am very disappointed to say the least. I built my deck out of it, and $4,000 later I am ready to rip it right back down and go with wood. The Latitudes Intrepid scratched very easily and noticeable lines were left on the sample. Trex Transcend Composite Decking Board (20) Starting at $ 52 81. What about cost comparison? Does anyone have any experience with Guardian Prestige decking? It’s a great choice for cabinetry and shelving. I wish people would say what type of Ultra Decking they use, natural, rustic or fusion. In particular, I have a question if anyone has used or is familiar with UltraDeck Natural - the composite decking sold by Menards. The Guardian Prestige was considerably better, and any scratch was less noticeable in the lighter colors. It's made of plastic and wood fiber and sometimes can be stained to … I do like the rustic, they offer 4 different colors. We were told when we were shopping for the cabin deck materials that this would fade like real wood but wouldn't crack and fall apart like wood. Undermount Deck System Failure Horrible Customer Service! Why do you think they include 2 driver bits with each packet of "T" connectors/screws? I did call to ask their suggestion of stain, they don't recommend staining! I was thinking of using this on a large unsightly but sound wood deck that I have. The edge of the 20' decking boards curled up causing the edges of the board to be higher then the center of the board. We sure wish someone had warned us!! Treated lumber is used for exterior purposes and is treated for ground or above-ground contact. Medium-density fiberboard is made from broken-down hardwood and softwood that’s bound with wax or resin. Also, squirrels have been eating our wooden deck for years any ideas why? It is one solid bit of construction that has not shown any signs of weakening.Two years ago we bought a property in Northern Michigan that needed a few repairs namely a repair of a cedar deck. 2 months later they aged to the slightly lighter color (the middle two boards) this would have been an somewhat acceptable amount of fading. They also have the end caps but I did not use them. OSB is strong but has a rough texture and is typically used as a structural board. Suggestion on updating this 90's stucco exterior. Is the expensive Fusion better than the others? Sliding will not happen but maybe I can get them in without busting the precisely-cut rail caps. Now I am the one eating crow. The first question that needs to be asked when selecting decking material is whatâÂÂs most important to you? Now just over 3 months, the gray/brown original color is a light pewter shade. We were aware that there would be fading but after just one year i could not believe what I was looking at! x 12 ft. Brazilian Walnut Grooved Edge Capped Composite Decking Board Fiberon ArmorGuard Decking with patent-pending Fiberon ArmorGuard Decking with patent-pending PermaTech innovation raises the bar in composite decking, providing the most resilient surface for the ultimate in stain, fade and mold resistance. For example, when working on a structural application, a straight-grained board is generally the best option as it’s the strongest. Shop composite deck boards and a variety of building supplies products online at What style patio covering would best fit this backyard. Oriented strand board is made with pressed wood strands. Shop composite deck boards and a variety of building supplies products online at The balusters were a little more expensive, but it will be nice to have metal that you don't have to stain. Ans: cause they strip out. I would never recommend UltraDeck to anyone regardless of the price. Almost $2,000 for just the railing assembly in parts! When screwing the bottom railing onto the balusters, they crack/split, even after pre-drilling. I'm trying to get many ideas, opinions, and reviews from people that have been there done that. They blamed everything on the installation which was done using their instructions and materials. we installed UltraDeck 2 years ago - while we have been very happy with the product overall the color fading was much more than expected - we did a 2-tone color plan and now 2 years later we are finally installing the railing system and don't know what to do about the color differences - the redwood color is now pink. Cedar is a beautiful decking material that is naturally resistant to decay and rot. The customer who bought this was very uncomfortable over the price of the materials. Protechwood – Timber Mezzanine Floors. Menards® has all the quality materials and components you need to update or build a deck. Dimensional lumber and studs are milled on all four sides and come in a variety of lengths, making them immediately ready for many construction applications. Ashland 6 ft. H x 6 ft. W Walnut Brown Composite Fence Panel Ashland by SimTek Fence has reinvented fence Ashland by SimTek Fence has reinvented fence manufacturing using polyethylene plastic and a patented design of rotationally-molded manufacturing resulting in a beautiful shadow box wood appearance and superior performance. Menards should put the UltraDeck display outside so customers can see how it really performs. We purchased a cedar color decking and from the displays at Menards got an idea for a Cedar and Gray railing. In addition I would be responsible to pay for the railing to be taken down and all charges for installation of the replacement decking and the railing. We are planning on building a 14x16 deck. But I would NOT recommend Ultra Deck to anyone!!!! Does this decking hold up in this type of climate? I am now planning on doing a 6x14 deck for our Master B/R. Cosmetic durability- Failure! I am contemplating purchasing Menards UltraDeck Natural for my pool deck and house deck. I purchased the Ultradeck material from Menards in 2008 and now it has big gaps, has warped and I can not get rid of the mold. The wood composite rail insert is not very dense and does not provide a sturdy base for screws to hold good. To see the amount of fading over time with this product see the picture. ArmorGuard Decking summons the beauty of … To me, the hardest part of staining would be the balusters. I have mailed several letters to Menards, Midwest Mfg and to UltraDeck with a non-caring reply to my problem. Composite decking may have grown in popularity over the past decade, but it’s still considered a specialty product by many retailers. I'm a glutton for punishment...sanded all my Redwood spindles, stringers, steps and handrails last year.If I did a new system, I'd still keep my 14y/o Redwood decking, but use a different system for side-panels! Cat,I could not have said it any better my very own self. A 6' piece of cladding was over $50. We are going back and forth in-between cedar and UltraDeck. The railing system instructions are confusing; one picture shows putting a metal strip in the railing and another picture doesn't -> which is it?!?!? 8' UltraDeck® Fusionâ„¢ Composite Decking. ! Here's a picture of our decking from Menards/Ultra Deck showing a new unexposed piece and the faded boards after just 38 days. What are some of the things that you don't like about UltraDeck (Menards)? Junk....Save your money. Products available include the high-end Distinction, Inspiration, Expression, and EverGrain lines. Thanks again for all your help and information. Menards ® is your destination for quality lumber and boards for all your projects.
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