The Fact Site is the number one source for the most interesting & random facts about animals, celebrities, food, films, games & so much more. 25 random fun facts to have on hand at your next dinner party. Still, a number of the strange but true facts below actually are proven, and we hope you enjoy both the fictional funny facts and the weird but true facts presented below. If you have a few minutes to spare, we promise you’ll learn about all kinds of interesting things. Post them in our comment section! 20 Somethings Bizarre Facts Facts Funny Humor Information Interesting Interesting Facts judge judy Las Vegas LMAO LMFAO lol Nicholas Cage Obscure Facts OMG Penis ROFL Sean Connery Sex Facts Steve Jobs Strange Facts The Internet Toy Story Weird Facts Writing & Expression WTF Followed by more than 5 million people on Facebook. 20 Weird and Interesting Facts about Famous Historical Figures. large image. 10 3 years ago Arrested for Farting. Stretching Before Running. God is the only character on the Simpsons to have 5 fingers. This post may include affiliate links. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends avoiding drinking camel urine to prevent contracting Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). 702. 42. 2. It’s not an overstatement to say that every part of your body is a miracle. We share weird, Unbelievable, interesting facts and unusual stories around the world. 5. Playboy’s 18 Unspoken Rules of Sex! Leave a comment. Here are fifty facts about your body that will leave you stunned. 7. Die Menge an Auswahlmöglichkeiten ist auf unserer Seite zweifelsohne extrem umfangreich. And if you’re looking for some quirky trivia, then here are some pretty fun, cool, weird, and interesting facts about Luxembourg! Here are 43 weird facts about Japan. Die skurrilsten dieser Fakten habe ich für euch zusammengestellt. 45 Furry Ferret Facts.   According to Genesis 1:20-22 the chicken came before the egg. There are hundreds of weird but true facts out there that most people have no idea about. QuoteScoop's Believe it or Not. Did you know that 206 bones make up the human skeleton? Angel of the North close-up. by Mike Spohr. : Apps für Android Find out which celebrities people masturbate to most often and more here. 1. They're not from Guinea. Weird Facts 15 Dedicated to keeping you informed about all the interesting, strange and cool facts from around the world. Here are 16 weird, wacky and sometimes-a-bit-gross facts… WTF Fun Fact – Weird WHO Recommendation. Fun Facts › Weird Facts. Published March 25th 2016. Today we’ve presented you with one hundred and one interesting facts you never* knew. You have no idea how lucky you are to live in the present day. Here are the weirdest and most unbelievable of the bunch. WTF Fun Fact – Tea Party Slang. A weird, miraculous, disgusting, wonderland. It simply doesn’t remove all the poop. We gathered weird sex facts you'll wish you knew sooner. 1. Join Doctor Chris and Doctor Xand as you find out all about crazy bodily functions and bizarre real-life medical cases. Once upon a time, there would have been several Grand Duchies located across Europe, including several in what is now Germany. Weird Facts: A Fun & Cool Games App of Random Little Riddles and Funny Facts about Animals, Life, Science, and Countries for Smarter Kids! A Hakada Matsuri, or “naked festival,” is more or less exactly what it sounds like. 40 Interesting Guinea Pigs Facts. 4. #32 Is the Dumbest. News & Trends . In dozens of places throughout Japan, thousands of men and boys strip down to loincloths in hope of gaining luck for the year. #1 Luxembourg is the last Grand Duchy in the world. More info: So what exactly are these cute fur balls? SHARES. January 2, 2021. Weird Facts: A Fun & Cool Games App of Random Little Riddles and Funny Facts about Animals, Life, Science, and Countries for Smarter Kids! Quirky and cute, ferrets have become … by Emily . We make personalized books packed full of curious facts about the year and day someone was born. 51 Historical Facts That Sound Like Huge Lies But Are Actually True. Learn all about it with these interesting human body facts. Did you know dolphins sleep with one eye open? January 2, 2021 . Strange Facts. : The HuManual. … Your body is a wonderland. Over the years, though, I've learned some odd facts about Christmas that are fun to bring up in conversation. Dec 31, 2015 - Explore Craig Mickel's board "Weird History Facts", followed by 302 people on Pinterest. 71 Weird and Interesting Facts about England Home > Newcastle Upon Tyne > St George's Day | Quirky | Misc | Lists. 1. Do you know about London's beer wave? So how did this come about in the first place? Weird Facts Facts that are weird, strange, and generally offbeat. 1000 Interesting Facts; 200 Random Fun Facts; 100 Mind Blowing Facts; 100 Strange But True Facts ; 100 Utterly Amazing Facts; 100 Interesting Space Facts; Popular Pages. By Dusty Baxter-Wright. Who doesn't love some weird trivia? The Human Body is a treasure trove of mysteries, one that still confounds doctors and scientists about the details of its working. From healthy food prices to the mystical ingredients of junk foods, we have tried to cover it all. 3. Learn everything from the the origins of toasting, phobias about wine to the oldest wine bottle ever discovered. Japan Facts 43. Nov 11, 2019 - Explore Penelope Miles's board "weird facts", followed by 142 people on Pinterest. – WTF Fun Facts … Read More & Source. Here's a collection of weird water facts that might surprise you. Scientific research has brought out some fascinating facts and figures about the universe. 32 Best Funny Knock Knock Jokes for Kids That’ll Surely Get You a Laugh; 40 Most Weird and Funny Google Search Suggestions Ever. Enjoy these food facts! Employers, especially, should not ask their employees to produce fun facts. LOL! Have you visited Warehouse City? Here’s a round-up of sex facts, from the interesting and informative to the false and downright weird. Somehow it caught on and the rest is history. Water is the most abundant molecule in your body.You probably know some facts about the compound, such as its freezing and boiling point or that its chemical formula is H 2 O. Some of the info we included is interesting, some are weird facts, and some almost seem too crazy to be true. Not such a fun fact: Toilet paper is so ineffective that using it to wipe your butt after you poop doesn’t even prevent health problems such as urinary tract infections. But you have to admit that certain aspects of sex can be a little weird — even outrageous. 55 Interesting Facts About Life Are Funny, Weird & Painfully True; 30 Funny Stupid Jokes That Are So Dumb, They're Actually Funny! Jul 21, 2020 Getty Images. Follow Us. Butt is actually a British measuring unit equivalent to 125 US gallons or 105 imperial gallons. 3 Weird Sex Facts. There’s also research to suggest aggressive wiping with toilet paper can cause anal fissures and even hemorrhoids. You breathe on average about… Though the … Try one of these if you need a conversation starter at your next holiday party: 1. Science is full of interesting and strange phenomena. Do you have any other fun facts you would like to add? Interesting And Weird Facts About The World You Probably Didn’t Know (30 Pics) 179K views. Obwohl dieser Weird funny questions offensichtlich etwas teurer ist, spiegelt sich der Preis ohne Zweifel in den Testkriterien langer Haltbarkeit und sehr guter Qualität wider. Relax with our fun dog facts to learn how these adorable animals became our best friends and if they really love us as much as we love them. But if you once again find yourself in a situation in which you must produce a fun fact — and you will — you might as well be prepared. Well, it was just a good marketing campaign when the first store opened in 1970. Fun facts that are truly amazing, very weird, sometimes crazy, very unusual and extremely funny. Will the real Big Ben please stand up? Wikimedia Commons, Mstyslav Chernov. Latest; Top; Random; 2 years ago Stomach of Metal. Feel free to use them for future conversations and make your friends/family envious of your great knowledge! Strange but true! Here is a quick look at some weird science facts. Public Domain. Hot Stuff. Cool and Weird facts about our everyday lives that everyone should know. This fact about Japan is so weird and interesting to me! 15 Weird Science Facts That are Truly Mind Boggling. Here are 10 weird but fun facts about exercising that will make your hate for the gym just a little less. 50 Really Weird Facts About Your Body. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. They're not pigs. Now, studies show that stretching before exercising doesn’t benefit our workouts. See more ideas about weird facts, facts, fun facts. 6. Continue reading to learn more! the book of everyone Community member. Fast 200 Staaten zählt unsere Welt, da kann man schon mal über interessante Fun Facts von Ländern stolpern, die das eine oder andere Schmunzeln auslösen oder uns doch verwundert die Augenbrauen heben lassen. Browse through our fun and interesting guinea pigs facts to find out! These 110 weird facts will get everyone talking, including the best weird animal facts and weird fun facts. We believe sex is a natural and, well, wonderful thing. Trivia in this category will raise an eyebrow or two. KFC started a ‘Party Barrell’ based on an American Christmas dinner but with chicken of course instead of turkey. Growing up we’ve always been told to stretch and warm-up before we go running. No-Pants Party. A sloth takes 2 weeks to digest the food he’s eaten. Popular Facts Lists. Start your day learning something you didn't know yesterday. See more ideas about facts, fun facts, weird facts. by Unbelievable Facts Oct 22, 2016, 4:13 pm 16.9k Views Comments Off on 20 Weird and Interesting Facts about Famous Historical Figures. French entertainer Michel Lotito ate parts from a Cessna plane over a 2 year period, and ate an estimated nine tons of metal between 1959 and 1997. You will learn something about everything! Check out this collection of 50 Cool and Weird Fun Facts. In that fashion, we love learning curious facts about the world and the people/animals that live (and have lived) in it.
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