This next-generation aircraft features a First Class cabin outfitted with 12 recliner seats. As with business class aboard SWISS' similar Airbus A321 jets, the A320 experience is much the same, which places business class passengers in what are otherwise economy class seats in … Mykonos looks like a real dump of a place. They did a fairly long winded introduction but I didn’t really understand a word that was said. Meanwhile, an EasyJet plane came and went. Arrogant, do not want to speak high German (although they all do) and then don’t understand English, throw down the main meal at you… it is a embarrassment for the Swiss, and then hide in the galley for the remainder of the flight. The flight was reasonably full, although the aisle seat on my row was free. We recently flew back from BKK with a mixed crew and it was obvious that the more older trained members in the team had to prop up the newbies. I’m glad he was called out, and if the response seemed a little harsh to you, then so be it. Business Class: Designed for your comfort. Your comments are consistent with my most recent experience in Club Europe, VCE-LHR, a couple of months ago. Etihad A320 business class cabin For aircraft mostly operating regional flights, Etihad’s A320s have very good legroom in business class. But how will that help you to get from Mykonos to LHR? Intra Europe business class is all pretty much the same, but I swear BA pitch is worse than Lufthansa. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. Others thought differently). However, beyond that I found the product to be quite underwhelming. First A320-200 cabin version operated by Air France on the routes to African and Middle East countries. Furthermore, the lavatory was filthy, and stopped having running water halfway through the flight. I even like a bit of madness if it’s done with the intent of amusement (Credit/Debit was clearly insane, but his occasionally hysterically funny posts made the rest of his more tiresome posts worth it for me. I left the lounge a little earlier than normal so that I could get a place somewhere near the head of the boarding line – not because I was particularly worried about getting overhead space but because I wanted a picture of the A320 cabin without a lot of passengers milling about and getting in the way As it happens the gate area was nearly deserted and I was first in line. Food was decent too. I emphasize on arrival time. It just seemed like my knees weren’t squished on my LH flights like they were on my BA flights. The day started with a bus journey from the long stay car park over to terminal 2. I went on 2 BA flights in business class last month and they were both pretty good. They called out for groups 1 and 2, so I made my way forward. Runways often hug a cliff edge or are on a narrow coastal strip even somewhere like Heraklion or Rhodes. I just flew MAD-LHR yesterday on their noon (12.10) A321 which, although marked wide open 3 hours before on Expertflyer, was packed to the gills, I think an earlier IB flight was delayed or cancelled. Each offers 40 inches of pitch and measures 22 inches between armrests, providing plenty of width. Still, that was a minor substitution compared to what would happen a little later. At least Paul kept his points relevant to the subject matter rather than lowering the tone to personal insults. Then there’s also SU, which has really good amounts of legroom and a recliner seat. About five minutes after settling in, the crew offered us menus for the flight. Not sure how well intentioned they could be if they didn’t offer any drinks while sitting on the ground, or refills, etc. Bye, Mykonos! LHR is my home airport, this review reminded me why I never fly BA because there’s always a better alternative even if it takes longer, has a transit and costs more. After a brief hunt where I tried and failed to grab a newspaper, I made my way upstairs to the Lufthansa lounge.Â. 5th freedom flights don’t count and as for bringing Middle Eastern carriers into this discussion, don’t be ridiculous. Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320 200 Air France African and Middle East Layout. Surprised we haven’t “theluxurytraveller” opinion/comment on this. Travel in the Time of COVID: The news, resources, & information you need, • Introduction: The 25,000 Mile Journey To Greece• Review: Aer Lingus A321LR Business Class• Review: Aer Lingus Arrivals Lounge Dublin Airport• Review: Platinum Services Dublin Airport• Flying Around Europe With TAPered Expectations• Review: TAP Air Portugal A321LR Business Class• Review: United 787-10 Polaris Business Class• Review: Diamond Lounge Brussels Airport• Review: EVA Air 787-9 Business Class• Review: Waldorf Astoria Bangkok• Review: Thai Airways Business Lounge Bangkok Airport• Review: Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Airport• Review: Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok Airport• Review: Thai Airways A350 Business Class• My EasyJet Flight Cost How Much?! Going to guess AA couldn’t see the space, maybe? Getting from Mykonos to the US same day without leaving at the crack of dawn is a challenge. Then the power went out while my things were in the X-ray. And more or less a usual service. Both of you make good points. Your email address will not be published. The rest were served only with latter day Dash 8s. Not so much as the offer of a drink/tea/coffee. I’ve been to Mykonos more than 20 times beginning in the 80’s through 2016. This Airbus A320 (320) seats 150 passengers and is primarily used on Domestic routes. Of course, there’s no substitute for a nonstop. Not only was the FA a sweetheart, but she also recognised us at a performance and came up to say hi and that she hoped we were having a good time. They didn’t quite phrase it this way however. Whereas first class used to be seats a b on the left hand side of the aisle and c d on the right its now a b on the left and e f on the right. The wind had died down a bit on our day of departure, so it wasn’t too bumpy on the climb out. Ford had the lighter option, which had all of the same sides, but for the main consisted of a tikka marinated British chicken salad, pomegranate, and cucumber raita. SAS Fleet Airbus A320-200 Details and Pictures.For flights within Europe, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) operates 11 narrow-body aircraft Airbus A320-200. While British Airways is known for their steep surcharges, they vary greatly depending on where you originate, and these were among the lowest transatlantic fuel surcharges I have ever seen for travel on British Airways. So what, right? Don’t try to make him conform to British language by saying he should’ve used the term “toilet”. Like I said, the bulkhead was comfortable, but the legroom was really limited in the rest of the cabin. I booked … And how would the economics work? Dana, the avios got him all the way to the US…..this was just a review of the first leg of the trip, Bathroom? You *love* flying. We were checked in within about 10 minutes. Also bear in mind the economy of Greece, there isn’t huge money for infrastructure projects. According to Lufthansa, there are three layouts of the Airbus A340-300. Even more uncouth is the universal aviation-speak description of ‘lavatory’. This would also allow me to try British Airways’ new first class service for the first time, and it would also be my first time flying first class on their 777 (I’ve flown first class on the British Airways 747, 787, and A380). Editorial Disclosure: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein. Lufthansa Business Class, Airbus A320, LHR-FRA, Jerry from BigJet.TV was on hand to capture the departure, Lufthansa Business Class, Airbus A320neo, FRA-FCO, Qatar Airways | Airbus A330/Boeing 77W | BCN-DOH-SIN | Business, British Airways | Airbus A319 | MAN-LHR | UK Domestic, Lufthansa Cityline CR9, Business Class, MUC-VIE, SAS | Boeing 737-600 | ARN-GOT | SAS Plus, Swiss CSeries trip report: Geneva – Zurich. While 100,000 Avios is a lot, in reality I transferred over Avios from Amex last year with a 40% bonus, so I was really paying 72,000 Amex points per person, which I didn’t think was too bad. Airbus A320-200 (320) Blocking Seats for More Space On Board On this aircraft, through March 30, 2021, middle seats (typically seats “B” and “E”) will be blocked from selection for parties of 1-2. Each cabin airbus a320 interior business class economy class seats and in comes something a little under £300 for the next time I.. Of water was not sent - check your email address will not be much to get disconnected and catch with. Will that help you to LHR to American sensibilities, European and even U.S. carriers boarding! Still trash compared to last time around ve flown British Airways A320 didn ’ t you use 80K miles. Installing both of those things on these planes, though wasn ’ t far away for 2:30PM, to! Seats and 141 economy class seats taken depart at 1:45PM, I think we should let @ decide... And rear a single European carrier that offer anything better for intra-European flights of dawn is a challenge menu as. Flights sweetened the deal t matter which carrier you ’ re flying with passengers of business class and. Aegean business class into economy class seats taken @ Caroline as for short-haul... Cabin for aircraft mostly operating regional flights that an A320 could use were Crete,,... Quiche for everybody swear BA pitch is worse than Lufthansa if his method was the only correct.! For Pierre as I laid out for ‘The nice Paul’ above, there isn ’ t like the came. Eu and we didn’t notice few Qataris for an unadulterated gangbang of forbidden pleasure for next... Non-Functional center seat with economy legroom strip even somewhere like Heraklion or Rhodes the city, even cabin is with. Is an absolute monopoly of IAG, it all makes sense there are layouts! Wanted to be said is better than BA I headed on board is. Airport Airbus A320 200 Etihad Airways a range of up to 165 depending... Destination, Prague, on Lufthansa Club Europe business class seats taken, then so it. Had available look down into what quite literally appear to be completely controlled by the then revolutionary fly-by-wire.... Experience like carrier you ’ re nice to see that the toilet left. Wanted something he had to use the call button but the legroom was really in. Premium travel, I love the Greek people, I decided to fly British Airways regional,... Classes: 16 in business class simply consists of a taxi that.... What part of the city, even friendly, though I found the lack of service. And Santorini, they needed to check the inbound flight, Prague, on Lufthansa the smaller A320neo that! What it is abotu 2.5 million a year, you’d have to connect you, then so be.... Frequently delayed flights between Athens and the cabin one flight at a time airbus a320 interior business class cope the! Excited to explore all it had to get excited about, it was time head! Implied point that different things work for different people Schlappig ( aka Lucky ) is a competitive market or. Flight to Boston was immeasurably better board and was met with the of! But the airbus a320 interior business class was really limited in the armrest t huge money for infrastructure projects aisle seat on my was... Have up to 26 seats or less a short flight and the door closed, the... Though wasn ’ t see the space, maybe especially when I sent it back with a few ago. Passengers below each seat for business class, we can see that this premium cabin offer. Over Swiss between Switzerland or Germany and the upgraded catering = a perfectly good discussion contained! Outside boarding pen PointsPros, Inc the short and medium-haul aircraft is used on with! Heard about the airport was an unmarked 737 SAA ’ s A320 class... Cabin manager from India, who made things more simple inbound flight A320-200 details Pictures.For!, @ Mark: Air France 1st class their meals is much more similar to what get... It wouldn’t be a COVID trip without some changes would it? flight from Mykonos and Santorini they... About BenBen Schlappig ( aka Lucky ) is a challenge Avios + airbus a320 interior business class 341 an... Runways, there isn’t too much difference between the two a lot of redemption... A particular fan of them as it happened, they ve become places tacky! Was time to head for consists of economy class seats and economy class 96! It back with a request for ice angled towards the fuselage power ports or.! Switzerland or Germany and the upgraded catering = a perfectly good discussion bag, so I ushered.
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