3M Safety-Walk Tread has proven durability for long life in heavy traffic areas, as well as ladders, steps and ramps. You may also consider applying self-adhesive strips of coarse grit, … Keep your Deck Clear of Debris to Prevent Algae. Sign me up for the RenoCompare newsletter! Algae is the top cause of a slippery deck, and the … These mats should be picked up when the deck is not in use, because while preventing slips, they will hold moisture against the deck that will eventually lead to mold growth and rot. The tape is widely used on stairs, landings and other locations where slips are likely. Free shipping. Slip Resistant Tape 610B-R2X180, Black, 2 in x 15 ft Sure-footed protection every step of the way with 3M Safety-Walk Slip Resistant Tape. They’re excellent for stairs, and are typically attached with fasteners such as screws. Anti-Slip Fiberglass Strips for Decking. It is installed on sidewalks, stairs, and where ever there is foot traffic. Most anti-slip tape has a peel-off backing, so it is easy to cut to size and install. Find a Store Near Me. Finally, thoroughly rinse the area with a hose. RenoCompare was setup to be an online library of home improvement, renovation and remodeling comparisons, ideas, pictures and much more. Spring and fall are common times to find unwanted growth on your decking. Also known as composite lumber or synthetic decking, synthetic wood is typically made of … Fax: 847-816-8866. • Deck sealer or stain & sealer: $22 to $40 per gallon Was: $29.95. Sure-Foot’s anti-slip fiberglass (FRP) deck strips provide ultimate slip resistance while delivering a durable … Useful for both indoor and outdoor applications, this product is ideal for surfaces such as metal, wood and concrete. Apply 3M Safety-Walk Slip Resistant Tape to stairways, ramps, steps, ladders, boat decks … Using a power washer on the deck can cause damage to its surface which can lead to it deteriorating or rotting more quickly. Phone: 800-876-7267 Anti-slip solutions for walkways & decks SafetyGrip Solutions manufacture a wide range of anti-slip products for all types of walkways, decks and general working areas. Durable, anti-skid strips can be attached in strategic locations to provide secure footing. A COF of 0.5, which is based upon studies by the University of Michigan and reported in “Work Surface Friction: Definitions, Laboratory and Field Measurements, and a Comprehensive Bibliography,” is recommended as a guide to achieve proper slip … Product Overview. These coatings are applied like deck stain, though are sometimes somewhat thicker and more difficult to work with. Please call me at 847-247-2350 to discuss any needs that you may have. Handi-Treads clearly fall into the high traction category based upon the tests performed by Consolidated Floor Safety. • Roller with handle, pad and tray: $12 to $40. Quick Tip: Mix Sand with Paint for Non-Slip Surfaces Prevent slips by finishing potentially dangerous outdoor living surfaces with a gritty, traction-lending mixture of paint and sand. Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures…Up or Down!? Pre-formed fiberglass strips have an abrasive fine grit coating to provide traction and a non-slip finish, while the feathered edge sides eliminate tripping hazards. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a08a116fc6da4bb58170e16b30fc7972" );document.getElementById("e10882c5c8").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 3,121 sold. *An additional shipping charge will be added for orders outside of the contiguous United States. Set the pressure to no more than 1,300 PSI to prevent or limit the damage. This prevents the buildup of moisture on the wooden deck surface and the concomitant growth of mold and algae. High-build, elastomeric coating designed to offer slip resistance to wood and concrete stairs, ramps, decks, docks, patios, sidewalks, and more.