. How to use energetic in a sentence is shown in this page. When we go on holiday together she is massively energetic, and then suddenly fades and requires food fuel. More Energetic Quotes To be energetic and firm where principle demands it, and tolerant in all else, is not easy. But this the father energetically denied. After much self-analysis, I've realized that while I am enthusiastic, They include Cardinaux's peaceful snowscape St Moritz, Carlo Pellegrini's Adelboden illustrating resting skiers and Plinio Colombi's, This means that the lazy, insolent functionnaire mentality prevails rather than a hard-working, Control for pitching is important for fish, such as boxfishes, that live in highly, To make a school successful, a head must be boundlessly, A quick succession of Eastern and Western dances by, It is never quiet, and cool guys and gals walk with an. Examples of Enthusiastic in a sentence. Her eyes were blue, and just looking at them made Caroline realize that she had run into a lively, The loss of that same finite amount of energy by, Do you really want give a leg-up to these people who are younger, better-looking and more. She still seemed energetic and optimistic. Sentence Examples for energetic. However, you need to apply proper grammar rules in any sentence. 2017-11-03 19:12:13. Menu. 33, Nobles is a chatty, energetic 55-year-old. use "energetic" in a sentence My uncle would not have employed him but that he was very energetic. Sentences Mobile. Tinku gave advise to Ashu to take some energetic exercise. Africa is a wonderful, diverse continent with an extraordinary, However, to end this review, I think we should move away from the, The problem fluctuated in intensity, despite the, It's exactly the sort of situation where Madsen's, My grandma, after whom I am named, was said to be a cheerfully, Painting functions here like a terrifying. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use "key to success " in a sentence It goes without saying that honesty is the key to success. Sentence Examples. The heart responds well to energetic exercise: 15. He received little formal schooling, but he was bright, My favorite teevee performer was always the most, But the film is also notable for capturing the sheer, The exquisite details and the asymmetric design break the balance, giving an, Mathis takes her hand again, despite sudden loud and, Dirksen was an appealing candidate and had run an. antonyms. 25. Nor can they be said to be energetically worked. energy efficient in a sentence - Use "energy efficient" in a sentence 1. He is known as a energetic defender—with D'Antoni praising his ability to "get into people." Taylor was always playing catch up against an energetic, ungainly player who just would not lie down. energetic is a person who is very active. In performing these youthful works, the Angeles String Quartet played with such deft skill, there was an abundance of dulcet adagios, Harmonically the second half of the score tends to be built on rich static chords and pedal notes, which balance the structure after the, These radiation belts surround the Earth with a stormy environment of, As the matter in the accretion disk spirals toward the black hole it is heated to very high temperatures and emits strong highly, For smaller areas you can purchase strap-on soles with spikes and simply walk around your garden, or if you are feeling, Sports stars going on Dancing with the Stars who are big, butch, and, His speech is staggered and halting, hers an, Of course, there were bed curtains, which the nursing staff seemed to draw with a particularly, And acts like mambo king Pupi Campo and the, A coil of a superconducting material could produce a substantial magnetic field, which could, in turn, deflect the, With no visible direction from above, the cast decide to amp up the volume and the broadness, but the results are more overbearing than, But the brittle strums of acoustic and Nick Kenyon's powerful voice add up to a heady concoction of protest song and a truly unplugged, but no less, He suggested that in the first split second after the beginning, the vacuum of the Universe existed in a highly, Close binary systems that include a small, very dense star can become extremely, Such a theology must still be intellectually alive and, Now collected for the first time in a new book readers can fully experience this, Similarly, there are residential areas where only the elders dwell, and which are strictly off limits to the young, everyone from mewling infant to, The second tincture, a combination of common mallow, English yew and yarrow called AMT, tackles the emotional and, This musical tone poem alternates between lyrical moments and spirited interludes that suggest an, Draenen was significantly warmer and friendlier than the surface, and with a low stream, the. . . Julius Erving once said that the key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical. Translate energetic into Spanish. How do you use ungainly in a sentence? Sentence Examples for energetically. This page has a vast collection of Energetic example sentences. He is real energetic, … She seems remarkably energetic for a woman her age: 19. How to use energetic in a sentence. Wiki User Answered . He has an energetic head and is in robust health. It is an energetic oxidizing agent. The children are energetic workers. In those days, he was still strong and energetic. See Answer. 2. Learn the definition of the word "energetic" and how to use energetic in a sentence. Traducir energetic de Inglés a español. Energetic example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. In accordance with the principles of energetics, any change which involves a decrease in the total available energy of the system will tend to occur, and thus the necessary and sufficient condition for the production of electromotive force is that the available energy of the system should decrease when the current flows. Examples of energetic in a sentence: 1. Learn more. The peppy little cheerleader always looks energetic on the field. Examples of energetically in a sentence: 1. energetic. Another word for energetic. Nor can they be said to be energetically worked. How To Use Energetic In a Sentence – Energetic sentence in English is simple to make. energetics definition: 1. the type and amount of energy used and produced in a particular process, or the scientific study…. Top Answer. It is not easy to abhor wickedness, and oppose it with every energy, and at the same time to have the meekness and gentleness of Christ, becoming all things to all men for the truth's sake. 3. Their initiative was followed, once again, by a spell of energeticfundraising. Name and word recall more quickly, reliably, and energetically the objects they stand for than do the objects their symbols. It's snappy and energetic, if only mildly amusing. 2. . How to use energetic in a sentence. Examples of energetic in a Sentence She has an energetic personality. Lists. Example Sentences. energetic in a sentence - 17. The man in the pulpit talks energetically and sensibly. | Of or relating to energy. Sentence with the word energetic "There was a lot of what we call energetic material - bomb-squad talk for explosive stuff,". The energetic list of example sentences with energetic. The whole is then stirred energetically and left to saccharify for three or four hours. Perseverance, it is often said, is the key to success. 5, Quasars are the highly energetic cores of distant galaxies. 34, Flaminia's ideas of exercise were never very energetic. High quality example sentences with “as energetic as” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English This revolutionary expansion required energetic nation-building policies: 20. On the other side, you can also make Energetic sentence in Urdu as several English words are also used in the English language. Word, phrase, or sentence: Get our highly rated iPhone/iPad or Android RhymeZone apps! 3. She isn't as energetic as she once was. 2. There is enough to be done to employ the full time of exceptionally, It was a motley crowd of mourners that the, More gestures, more whisperings, and then sighs of exhaustion from the, He, like the rest of us, at first exhibited the most, Nor was it content with these auditory demonstrations, for it resorted to far more, The thought that one has a future is a great stimulus to careful and, In most respects it is very similar to sodium, the chief difference being that it is even more, During all of his service this officer was a magnificent example of courage, modesty, and, Already Stephen was beginning to regard him less as a man than as an, When the pressure of the legs becomes insufficient to entirely collect the forces, more, Acids, excepting hydrofluoric acid, have little action on it, and it requires the most, During the time of the German occupation, her coolness and, Judith Blount was to learn much from this, The best of calisthenics," he says, "this, Although not far from 70 years of age, I found him apparently as active and as, Hitherto his tardy and clattering arrival had been a daily happening, provocative of accents sharp and, Under increased pressure there is more matter in a given volume of a gas, and the chemical action is more, His profound distaste for this conversation was betrayed by an air of weariness darkening his, Having for some time declaimed in such an, Encouraged by success, the leaders redoubled their already, In the working class there are many talented, devoted, and, Archery in a sentence | Short example sentence for archery[Class 1-5], Unhappy in a sentence | Short example sentence for unhappy[Class 1-5], Dope in a sentence | Short example sentence for dope[Class 1-5], Keep Warm in a sentence | Short example sentence for keep warm[Class 1-5], 1Pm 6Pm in a sentence | Short example sentence for 1pm 6pm[Class 1-5], Him in a sentence | Short example sentence for him[Class 1-5], Conquest in a sentence | Short example sentence for conquest[Class 1-5], Creature in a sentence | Short example sentence for creature[Class 1-5], Flick Over in a sentence | Short example sentence for flick over[Class 1-5], Unfolded in a sentence | Short example sentence for unfolded[Class 1-5], Calming in a sentence | Short example sentence for calming[Class 1-5], Drained in a sentence | Short example sentence for drained[Class 1-5], Invigorating in a sentence | Short example sentence for invigorating[Class 1-5], Rejuvenated in a sentence | Short example sentence for rejuvenated[Class 1-5], Energy in a sentence | Short example sentence for energy[Class 1-5], Nourished in a sentence | Short example sentence for nourished[Class 1-5], Refreshed in a sentence | Short example sentence for refreshed[Class 1-5]. 4, Young, bright, energetic with strong career-ambition. 0 0 Here are many translated example sentences containing "MORE ENERGETIC" - english-danish translations and search engine for english translations. Calloway's energetic versatility began to show at the Sunset. 6, I don't associate him with energetic sports. Someone angry and energetic is calling you a "Washington insider.". Check the meaning of energetic. energetic / examples. The enthusiastic crowd cheered and clapped wildly, screaming Donald’s name. Examples of Energetic in a sentence. People stopped to stare at his energetic but ungainly movements on the dance floor. You should exercise more so as to keep energetic: 18. Energetic in a sentence. Oberly is young and energetic and I think he should win. Example sentences with the word energetic. How to use energetics in a sentence. Sentence Examples. The children also engage in energetic and educational field trips and other activities.. 35, Captain Nagumo was a capable, intelligent, and energetic officer. synonyms. Children are amazingly energetic, they can play for hours without getting tired. Find words for energetic in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Taylor was always playing catch up against an, Their initiative was followed, once again, by a spell of, When we go on holiday together she is massively, Eventually, Adams grabbed the initiative with an, The big bang theory of cosmology asserts that the universe was once a very small and very hot soup of, He fares well enough during his flirty scenes with Maureen O'Hara and never gets in the way of the film's, Depending on which elements are being tested for, the samples are irradiated with, Giant fireballs and trails of fire accompany the performers in the. 2, The elderly man is quite energetic. I think I'd prefer something a little less energetic: 17. The memoir displayed depression in a flighty, headstrong, He stomped the country in the weeks before polling day giving, And I was impressed with Warsaw and its restoration of that stately old city, and its, Froney was Chell's favourite horse, a tall handsome, He had been married only a year, but he could no longer make love to his, Tight, toned and shapely buns and thighs can be yours with this, He was led a merry dance by Lord Fairfax and his son, Sir Thomas and was never able to totally overcome this, There's a feeling that the city is ready to face up to these challenges and to halt the southward drift of its most, Their repertoire will be a blend of songs old and new, with the more, Back then, he was just beginning his career as a DJ, playing his brand of, By the late '60s, guitar-based bands cranked out songs in an, When compared with the BMR of other very small birds, the tody's, Moore was admired and envied by 40-year-old women around the world for capturing the heart of an, Therefore, we investigated relationships between, A handful of Scotswomen provided some of the most. How do you use the word energetic? 0 1 2. Another word for energetically. 32, At least be more energetic than usual. 3, He seemed a dynamic and energetic leader. Upon the advent of the Left to power, however, he accepted both gift and pension, and worked energetically upon the scheme for the Tiber embankment to prevent the flooding of Rome. Rhymes Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases [Mentions] Phrase rhymes Descriptive words Definitions Same consonants Asked by Wiki User. Energetic in a sentence. Events like this pleased his wild and energetic nature. The definition of energetic is full of action or energy. Dictionary ! . Italian Translation of “energetic” | The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online. That is one energetic puppy! energetic example sentences. He struck me as being particularly hardworking, She'd forgotten how tough looking after an, Equipped with tongue biting one-liners, he is contagiously, Experts on very compact white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes study the enormously, It might not actually be rampant, as rampancy is a bit too. His energetic campaign against George II. Learn more. As an enthusiastic person, I like to create an atmosphere of excitement and thrill wherever I go. She worked as hard as the most energetic spirits of … Find more ways to say energetic, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. On the other hand, diode lasers are cheaper and more energy efficient. He isn't as energetic as he once was. Possessing, exerting, or displaying energy. Over 100,000 Italian translations of English words and phrases. It is a manifestation of the Eternal Grace, and never has it overpowered me so energetically … He is an energetic boy; he enjoys sports: 16. Find more ways to say energetically, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. He is an energetic politician. Howard is an enthusiastic teacher who is always looking for … energetic definition: 1. having or involving a lot of energy: 2. having or involving a lot of energy: 3. very active…. 31, Followers feel energetic, confident, and never more alive. Energetics definition: the branch of science concerned with energy and its transformations | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples High quality example sentences with “a more energetic approach” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English If you give him something fun to do, the energetic toddler won’t get into as much trouble. She is charming and energetic, but she is also forceful. More example sentences ‘Youngsters have already come up with some of their own designs which cater for younger primary school age children up to teenagers who wanted more energetic activities.’ ‘And those who do get into the aerobics classes are cramped into a small room, which some say is not suitable for their energetic activities.’ More Words to look. I stayed up late last night, so I had a hard time being active and energetic. in a sentence. Whether it is movement therapy or kinesiology or nutrition, There are marvellous younger people, all over the world, ready and willing, capable and, For local entertainment you would have to hire the raucously, This parade was reported to be a lively and, The RHIC detectors will soon be able to record, I don't know about you lot but doesn't the sun and warmth make you feel just that much better, a little more cheerful and, Powerful drums in time like a metronome lead the way for trashy angular bass lines and wry, At the Earth's surface, the atmosphere acts as an extra blanket to stop all but the most, Although, thinking about it, I'm sure my vocabulary has been enlarged in previously unexplored directions by the, It's hard to believe that true art, art that reflects the vivid and, Criticizing such antics is an easy game as it seems that they borrow trouble where some care and research would prevent such, From rumba to bolero, Felip will explore the, The defensive players were boisterous and, In one painting, the deity is depicted in a blissfully radiant, gloriously, As far as audio goes, the Dolby Digital 2.0 mono track is pleasingly, Since his medication seems to have made him less, The chemical bond energy is dependent on the type of atoms and their, The piece contains stylistic features like, Back then the rallies were big and the support was, These voltages would also explain the radio emission from, Some people may be skeptical and oppose such, And those who do get into the aerobics classes are cramped into a small room, which some say is not suitable for their, Mum Gillian is very proud of her son, who has always been a very, Folk dances from the Punjab were a delight to watch, and the, This is one of the reasons why you generally feel refreshed and more, Like all gun dogs, and hunters, this breed needs lots of, There are literally scores more activities for those feeling, We need to teach our children to delight in, Never before has there been such a dramatic insight into the life of these, A third factor contributing to elevated swimming, According to most theories of dark matter, it is too, This effect can in fact be achieved through exposure to gamma radiation, if said radiation is, This three piece deliver short snappy punky chunks of, Unfortunately, while both motormouthed Chris Tucker and rubber limbed Jackie Chan are, Is it any wonder then that the government is concerned with an obesity problem among the young when their scope for, Sometimes you just want to watch four people in tight black leathers whacking out two minute slabs of, Rubenstein turned 65 in August, and he appears as trim and, Seven bands from Winchester and district exploded on to the music scene and entertained a full house at the St Paul's Hill venue with new sounds and, His unique knowledge of subjects such as fractal dynamics, subspace theory, a tri-vector system and others, has made this, There they garrisoned the ancient fortress of Eilean Donan but were scattered by the, Turn Up the TunesStudies have found that up-tempo music can make you feel more, Before then, as soon as a positively charged nucleus tried to latch on to a negatively charged electron, the electron would have been knocked away by an, That shows the magnetic field at work protecting us from these highly, In the June debate in New Hampshire, Michele Bachmann made a splash with her, It would be more useful if our West European partners' position was less platonic and if they made a more, In addition, participants were asked to avoid using other, Youngsters have already come up with some of their own designs which cater for younger primary school age children up to teenagers who wanted more, Applying pressure to reflex points makes it possible to interact with the interconnected systems of the body at an, This is a proof for the presence of small, The insurgents, under able leaders, were able to keep the field, in spite of the extremely, People downed chilled beer, pink gins and, Some of this oxygen was converted into ozone and the developing ozone layer gave needed protection from disruptively, Camillus differs from Brutus and Scaevola in his, It was also supposed, perhaps in consequence of this anti-inebriant quality, to render a man. definitions. Need to translate "MORE ENERGETIC" from english and use correctly in a sentence? Harry Turnball was a young and energetic truck driver who delivered the Parkside Sentinel. He offered himself as a sacrifice to free us from a dark, rebellious life into this good, pure life, making us a people he can be proud of, In most materials in their normal state, there will be far more electrons in the unexcited lower energy level orbitals then there are in the more, Siberian Huskies are a strong graceful and, So, by such a transport inhibition of ketone body efflux from the liver, the brain is deprived of those, Rembrandt's portraits of individual sitters are similarly, Bands, dancing and Gurkha storytelling will also feature, while the more, Today, a mass tapdance will get the day off to an, Nice idea, but with a thin, scattergun five-man script, it's all a bit too, Halsted returned to New York in 1880 and for the next six years led an extraordinarily vigorous and, He spent five odd waiting years in Gravesend, as an, Frontwoman Becca Macintyre's stage presence is, Conductor Hughes approached the Smetana with his usual vigour, drawing from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales committed and, Baring's major accomplishments came as an, Mieres took Gutierrez as his partner, while Diaz, the wristy net magician teamed up with the. How to use energetically in a sentence is … 1, This world belongs to the energetic . A chart that is strong in fire will be optimistic, High-quality and sufficient sleep ensures an, Quietly spoken and informally dressed, he describes himself as an, The solos are strong enough to withstand the rhythm section's, The mere thought of bringing up 10 children is likely to strike fear into even the most indulgent and, The show compensated for narrative gaps with, Alternating with these periods, there would be periods of feeling high and being hyperactive and, Whenever his friends or family were around he became extremely, Their blades clash again, though both are little less, It is chilled enough for when the lights go out, and, She was a sturdy college cheerleader, someone who was ceaselessly, The music swings and the professionals perform elaborately, Reason is easily overcome by emotion, but emotion can be apathetic or, For each type of aquatic activity we examine unique behaviors or styles of locomotion that may contribute to a decrease in, A business graduate, he began to earn a name for himself as a shrewd and.

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