STEP 2: Divide the reach by your total number of followers and multiply by 100 to get your post reach percentage. How to Estimate Reach with Bionic Media Planning Software. Because your Page’s number of likes is probably different at the end of the month than it is at the beginning (let’s say yours grew by more than 2,000), again, make sure you average your Page’s likes over January’s 31 days. Note: On Facebook, the “When Your Fans Are Online” feature will tell you the optimal time to post. Post reach is the number of people who saw a specific post in their news feed.Page reach is the number of people who saw any of your post content during a given period of time (daily, weekly or monthly).. Just click "add" on your page to proceed: AgoraPulse will then begin the process of evaluating your page -- which can take some time depending on the number of Likes your page has. Daily reach and results estimates may vary based on several factors. To access them, go to your Insights & click on "Export data": Once you do this the lightbox below will open: Once you open the downloaded spreadsheet, you'll see pretty quickly that the spreadsheet contains a firehose of data -- so don't get overwhelmed. When we report on Facebook Reach, there are two main classifications to remember – Facebook Page Reach and Facebook Post Reach. Not by a long shot. Reactions . Facebook defines organic reach as “how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your Page.” With that description in mind, it’s easy to see why marketers would be concerned — because a decline in organic reach means a natural increase in the cost to reach their customers. Learn how to increase your organic Facebook reach. Your post counts as having reached someone when it is loaded and shown in News Feed. Among many features within the tool’s panel, you get the chance to measure the social media reach of social media posts, hashtags and accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Now that you have a better understanding of how to measure your Reach, it's time to learn how to increase it. For example, if you want to add every number in a column between cells B3 and B50, you would enter =SUM(B3:B50) into an empty cell. (Hint: If you need a refresher on how to access Facebook data beyond what you get on your Insights tab, this shows you what to do.). Facebook will always make adjustments to its algorithm but one constant remains: Writing quality content that people WANT to engage with – while varying that content and posting it on a regular schedule (thanks to your easy Facebook scheduler) – has literally never been more important! How to Calculate Social Media Reach. Just make sure you're looking at the "Key Metrics" sheet -- and then find the column "Lifetime post reach by people who like your page": Using the example post from above, we know that the post had an Organic Reach of 3,918 people (including fans & non-fans). Hootsuite compiled the statistics for thousands of Facebook Pages, and came up with results you can use to contextualize your own. And you can’t help but wonder: It’s frustrating when it feels like nobody is seeing your posts. This is supposed to make the organic reach of Pages more consistent with the way Facebook measures reach for ads. Let’s start by explaining what reach is, what views are, and the difference between the two. This gives you the engagement for each individual post. A statement? Your organic reach metrics can help you identify ways to improve your content’s organic visibility. Marketing Reach 101. Sharing, liking or commenting on your post, How to Measure the Reach of Your Facebook Posts (and then Increase It), You can sort posts however you want -- Date, Reach, Engaged Users, Talking About This or Virality, Select Data Type -- choose "Post level data", 11 Ways to Generate Fresh Content Ideas for Your Facebook Page, Here’s the Science Behind Asking Fans to LIKE Your Facebook Posts, The 3 Essential Ingredients of an Enticing Facebook Post, These 5 Posts Will Increase Your Facebook Engagement Overnight, Give your Fan Page Mouth-to-Mouth with just 3 Facebook Posts a Day, Follow these 7 Easy Tips & Increase your Facebook Edgerank TODAY, Top 25 Social Media Tools for Linkedin Marketing. Here’s the Correct Formula to Calculate Your Average Facebook Post Engagement Rate Published on July 11, 2014 July 11, 2014 • 156 Likes • 76 Comments That’s when it’s time to get a little perspective on your Facebook reach – and here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can do it. (For example after about 30 minutes the Post Planner page was still synchronizing). If the title made sense to you, congratulations, you must already be quite familiar with Facebook paid media analysis. Josh wrote a great post about this Facebook targeting strategy HERE . Again, this is the total number of people -- fans & non-fans -- who saw the post. After you calculate the customers you could reach, download your free guide to using Social Media Whether you’re new to social or are looking for ways to improve your existing social media marketing strategy, this FREE guide, The Smart Business Owner’s Guide to Social Media, gives you the information you’ll need to harness the potential of social media marketing: To calculate the reach of a Instagram hashtag all the followers of each account that has participated sharing content with the hashtag are added together. Here’s how you can see how your Page stacked up. Add them up (hint: use the sum function instead of doing it manually) to get your total engagement for the month, then divide that number by your total number of people reached to get your engagement rate. ), Prev: Facebook Reactions Are More Valuable Than Likes - How You Can Get More, Next: How to Write an About Page That People Will Actually Read, 10 Best Practices for Eye-Catching Social Media Images, How to Properly Size Your Images for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Here are some ready-made resources to help you do just that: © 2011-2021 Post Planner, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Facebook Engagement Rate = (Engaged Users x 100) ÷ Total Reach Where Do I Get These Numbers? The Facebook Advertising Opportunity Calculator is designed to show you your current reach on Facebook and how much more you could achieve with a small Facebook ad budget.

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