Check out these super-simple raised garden bed plans with detailed instructions. Just be sure to heed the warning about which pallets to use. In terms of mold or encouraging insects? If you want to do that, dive into it here, here, here, and hit us up at or @htgsupply on twitter, instagram, and facebook with your results). I just used black roll and placed it on another pallet . That’s not likely to happy (at least eventually) as roots will fill in to hold much of that in place. How can I make sure that the wall is not going to get durty? Hi, I have a question. The finished product looked nice right off the bat, but over time, less plants filled in would give a similar look. Good luck. Include flowers like marigolds and lobelia, to add colour to your wall garden. Thanks for your comment. I just hate to waste that extra space. If The top of The planter is The only open part, when you water The plants from The top, The ones below will get some water?!? Thanks Joe! But you should try to go to “google images” and type “pallet garden” into the search field. ... Wall Garden Pallet Planter DIY. You would need to give the young seedlings time to establish a big enough root network in order to hold the soil together when you raise it up. My question is, how do you water a vertical pallet garden so that all the plants receive enough water? I like basil for the top. For each gallon of water that’s absorbed into the soil when watering will add another 8 pounds. I am in South Africa and with the wonderful weather we have here gardening is a pleasure. So glad I committed the time for this project. You could also paint it with an exterior paint. We made a perpendicular cut in the middle to break the pocket in half to account for the centerboard in the pallet, two 16” x 24”. I don’t see why not Donna. Great tutorial! Find a good wooden pallet by looking around your local area or searching the internet and making a few calls. Usually hydroponic stores carry it. And when it’s not planted or growing, it’s bare. I know that I don’t need to permanently plant these yet, as they need to root. The biggest issue is that the water is able to drain out. Or would it be better to use a actual plants?? Get two helpers and position the pallet between the brackets already secured to the house. I hope you give it a try and see for yourself. I was concerned due to Fiberglass being made with formeldhyde and other harmful chemicals? Get some help securing the final product, and water it well! This is one of my favorites. A non-required mark, but it gives us even more information as to the origin and quality of the pallet. You don’t need to use both a solid backing and the fabric. Drainage issue: Get a wide piece of plastic PVC pipe, the appropriate length and cut it in half. I work for a company that imports products from China, etc and our containers get fumigated, pallets and all, often. As much as I am into recycling things, we as a society unfortunately ship a lot of unhealthy things around… pallets can be from anywhere in the world and could have had just about anything on them. I know people that cut a slit in the bag of soil and plant directly into it, so I don’t see why a pallet is much different. I’d be interested in other opinions as well from those who make pallet projects. You might want to put a coat of primer on it first. The bottom line is you have to provide a way for the water to drain from your pallet without dripping onto your neighbor. I love the idea, though, of the pallet as the backdrop. Hey I’m planning on planting herbs in my pallet planter. Pallets are everywhere, so take the time to find one in good condition and that is not made from pressure-treated wood (due to the leaching from potentially harmful chemicals). Brilliant idea JoAnna! Nasturtiums would make an excellent choice and add fantastic color. This step wasn’t included in the DIY segment on the episode but this is an important part of protecting the exterior of the house from the moisture and grime of the pallet garden. This will be the pallet your garden will grow in. I’m just curious, roughly how many plants were used for this pallet garden? This will be great to get some fresh veggies for once. This project can be knocked out in less than an hour and can be used for a variety of plants. What a great find. I am interested in creating many projects with pallets. Thank you , Pat, Take three pallets ,place them in shape of I screw together ,A big garden small space, Nope- I build pallets, mine are just wood, not treated in any way. I think your idea is fine. Note: We’re using landscaping fabric for this example, but the same result can be achieved with a variety of materials or even smaller individual. This is awesome. Do you have pics you can send? Enjoy Donna! They routinely receive 12 ft. long sheets of metal on beautiful 12-ft. long, very HEAVY duty pallets that are usually made of oak, perfectly clean, and NEW with NO signs whatsoever of any chemicals. But you’re saying you don’t have those? But in either case, make sure the fabric covers the bottom as well as the back to catch any soil that may otherwise fall out. Here we used a measuring tape in the center boards to determine which boards aligned the most closely front to back. However, many are non-treated or made of weather resistant wood, such as cedar. Thoroughly water the plants and soil. Let us know what you decided on. I assume you are planting it with the pallet flat on the ground until they all germinate and the roots help hold the soil in place. It’s a total guess but those are the components of it so I don’t think I’m far off. As long as the foliage can get out beyond the slats, the roots will have plenty of room behind them to grow. But be sure you have it mounted securely enough to support the weight when the pallet is lush and the soil is moist. We’ve had great success with trailing edibles like cucumbers, squash and melons (all compact or container varieties) on the bottom row, lots of herbs, lettuces, spinach, and chard in the middle rows, and dwarf / compact tomatoes and peppers in the very top. DIY Vertical Pallet Garden : Today I'm going to show you how to build a super simple, DIY vertical pallet garden by upcycling an old wooden pallet. What you’ll need: shipping pallet, 4 mounting brackets* (one for each corner of the pallet – we used L brackets), weather resistant screws, roofing nails or staple gun, drill, level, weed cloth (aka landscape fabric), thin plywood cut to size to cover back of pallet, potting soil, plants (*when it comes to how and where you choose to mount your pallet, make sure to consider the weight of a fully-planted pallet after watering and choose the appropriate hardware and location that can support it.). The challenge with the spacing between slats that narrow are in planting existing seedlings. How cool is that?? You may need a hammer to tap in the staples after the initial staple. The first step here is to measure the height and width of the pocket locations and cut fabric to that length. You just need to know the correct seeds of the herbs and method of how to grow them which you can find on the internet easily nowadays. This is a use of pallets I have not heard before and I’m very intrigued. Places trailing / vining crops like the cukes at the bottom and tall upright plants like tomatoes and peppers in the top section. I love the idea and it would be great for the space I would like to put it. Do you think this idea has merit? I did that for the compost bins I made out of pallets. The other thought would be constructing some type of frame that stands upright to support the pallet garden. I think this would be a fantastic idea for growing strawberries! Assuming each had about 16-20 plants per flat, I might have used about 60 because we really packed them in. If so, what herbs can I plant together? What king of wood protection do you use. Very anxious to try it. What have you had success with growing in these? I live in Tucson,Az. I am just looking for a way that my husband does not have to til up the ground….I would never get my garden if I waited on him to do this So, I just go ahead and plant my tomatoes and bush beans between the slates?

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