*Note: beware that many latex pillows contain a blend of latex and polyurethane foam. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These pieces are then stuffed into a zipped pillow case to make a pillow. The latex is GOLS-certified, so the pillow should also appeal to shoppers who prefer to purchase sustainably made products. In addition to offering a sustainable, cruelty-free option, the Birch Organic Pillow also sleeps cool and comfortable. The company offers queen and king size pillows. As with other latex pillows, the Brooklyn Bedding pillow is hypoallergenic. Moldability: If you change positions throughout the night, or use your pillow for support while reading or watching TV, or simply like to mold your pillow into your preferred shape, you want to choose a moldable pillow that can be adjusted to your preference. The shredded latex fill is softer than our shredded memory foam pillow and works like magic to support, soothe and comfort your head, neck and shoulders. For all a shredded latex pillow’s positives, I’m not a convert. first you should have carefully trimmed the plastic bag that your shreds came in, insert the end of the bag 2/3 into the case/cover gently shake down the contents into the case ,pulling it further to the top until it is nearly filled. Don’t take my word for it: read these customer reviews. Prices range significantly, from $40 for a basic model to $200 for a luxury organic pillow. Latex pillows are often too firm and too thick to be comfortable for stomach sleepers. Plushbeds’ Shredded Latex Pillow is made from organic Dunlop latex, which does not retain heat. Unlike a solid single-piece latex pillow, you can squish this thing fit into the space between your head and neck so that you’ve got proper support. Sleepfoundation.org is reader-supported. The outer cover is composed of breathable organic cotton that helps the pillow sleep cool. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Queen pillows are typically a full four inches wider than a standard pillow, giving you plenty of extra room. JUVEA 100% Natural, Adjustable Talalay Latex Down Alternative Pillow, Luxurious Tencel Lyocell Fibe… Pillows made from solid latex are a bit denser and are often contoured, while those made with shredded latex tend to be more malleable and have slightly better airflow. Latex provides extra firmness and support where it’s needed most, around the neck and shoulders. Free yourself from chemically laden sleeping products with this 100% chemical free Shredded Latex Pillow. I hope it is 100% natural latex because I have asthma and I don’t want a chemical poisonous pillow like memory foam. Although the pillow has a medium soft feel, the shredded fill does not conform as closely as memory foam and you may notice some responsiveness when you lay down your head – a common characteristic of Talalay latex. Plushbeds Shredded Organic Latex Pillow. Shipping is free for all orders in the contiguous U.S. Latex for Less does not offer a sleep trial for the pillow, and returns are not accepted. Latex doesn’t creak, rustle or slosh. Some latex pillows are designed to be adjustable. A Talalay pillow from Flobeds is the best, because when you choose the FloBeds Twice Fluffed Shredded Latex Pillow, you have chosen the perfect pillow, because you can adjust the shredded latex fill to the loft and firmness your head and neck need. It’s almost sticky, so you can’t easily sweep it up. As implied by the name, latex foam is fed through a shredding machine and ripped into tiny pieces. Shredded latex in particular allows for plenty of airflow to keep you cool all night. Sometimes it feels too thick and just as often, it’s too thin. Flat pillows are more uncomfortable and won’t provide as much support. Gifting. Your email address will not be published. However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent. It is ideal for pillows and can also be used for any stuffing project. It’s covered in a removable and machine washable organic cotton cover that’s soft and stays cool. If you are not satisfied with the pillow, you may return it or exchange it for another model within 30 days of placing the original order. Other terms that may muddy the waters when shopping for a latex pillow are rubber — which is generally the same as latex, as they are both derived from rubber trees — and Dunlop or Talalay. left hand navigation Skip to Search Results. If you’re handling shredded latex, I recommend doing it somewhere where it’s easy to clean up. Latex is perfectly silent. Shredded latex pillows. Fortunately, I had several extra Hullo pillow cases with zippered openings to experiment with. The pillow is constructed with a core of shredded, American-made Talalay latex encased in a smaller, removable pillow padded with soft microdenier fibers. For example, side sleepers have more space between their neck and the mattress, so a pillow should fill that space to ensure adequate support and prevent pain. Wrapped in 100% organic cotton, the PlushBeds shredded latex pillow is made without any harsh chemicals or dyes, making it an ideal choice when you want a healthy place to rest your head. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Down is very soft and fluffy. Down: Down refers to the small plumage found on a goose or duck beneath their larger feathers. Resistant to mould, bacteria and dust mites. 00 List Price $39.00 $ 39 . While memory foam is generally the most expensive of the mattresses it does have a lot of benefits and supplies extra assistance. Shredded organic latex is the same rubber that we sell in 3″ slabs, only it is shredded in tiny pieces and in a mix of firmnesses. Firm. Too soft? Expect to pay upwards of $150 for a quality organic pillow. I discuss more of the specifics of latex foam including: I’m not giving up my favorite: a Hullo buckwheat pillow. Departments. The shredded latex pieces combine to offer a traditional pillow feel that is both resilient and comfortable. Price Comparison. The right pillow should support your head and neck to provide proper alignment with your spine. Since side sleepers need the extra loft and firmness for support, they usually don’t need to remove any of the filling in a shredded latex pillow. These thickness options are best suited to side and back sleepers because they provide ample cushioning without interfering with spinal alignment. I found this to be crucial to attaining proper loft. Wrapped in 100 percent organic cotton, the PlushBeds shredded latex pillow is made without any harsh chemicals or dyes, making it an ideal choice when you want a healthy place to rest your head. Latex is a popular material for pillows due to its naturally soft and supportive qualities. Pressure Relief: A close-conforming will relieve pressure on your neck and shoulders, allowing you to relax and get restful sleep — and keeps you from waking up in pain. $5 - $10 . Choose the light and fluffy feel of a shredded latex pillow, or the buoyant support of a solid latex pillow. Plushbeds Shredded Natural Latex Pillow. Plushbeds Shredded Latex Pillow. That’s heavier than most traditional fluffy pillow types like down, but it was noticeably less bulky than my molded latex pillow of the same size which weighed 3.3 lb. Pillows are also available in a range of support ratings, offering soft, medium or firm support. I tried out a buckwheat pillow. The pillow initially comes with 8” of shredded latex inside of a cover that is half of an inch thick and made with all cotton. The firmer the pillow, the less likely it is to flatten. Sleep more comfortably with this adjustable-fill shredded latex pillow. The Plushbeds Shredded Latex Pillow is Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified so you can rest assured that you are sleeping on the safest and cleanest materials next to your head, neck, and face at night. Your pillow cover is machine-washable, and it's recommended that you air dry to prevent shrinking. Those With Latex Allergies: If you have a latex allergy, a pillow filled with the material is not a good choice, regardless of the cover or other materials used. Body Pillow. Organic Mattresses Plushbeds Shredded Latex Pillow. The Keetsa Sachi Organics Natural Latex & Wool Pillow is comfortable and supportive in equal measure. Latex foam is great for Bean Bag Filler, Dog Bed Stuffing, Pillows, Arts & Craft Projects, Toys, Chair pads - anywhere you want a natural "cushy" feeling. An all-around healthy and pleasant experience for your sleepy head, night after night. Yes, tightness does work together with your comfort level, however this quality lies far beyond the support. The shredded latex consisted mostly of larger chunks about 1/2 in diameter, but a good deal of it was tiny, messy little rubber flakes. With Dunlop latex, the liquid latex filled the entire mold, resulting in a finished product with different densities. Chipped Latex fill. Wool naturally helps maintain temperature neutrality, wicking away moisture while ensuring adequate airflow. The latex may be shredded or formed, but it offers some advantages over other materials, including better temperature neutrality and resistance to allergens. The rest of the mold is filled with air, creating a more uniform density for the finished product. On the plus side, they offer exceptional pressure relief and support for side and back sleepers, and stay cooler than other options. The shredded latex pillow comes with an inner liner to contain your fill and a quilted, outer layer for extra comfort and hygiene. These cookies do not store any personal information. This is the perfect pillow for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers because you control how thick your pillow is by removing as much or little fill as you need to create the most comfortable pillow that supports your sleeping style. Despite being a niche market, there were several different options available online. Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on the Latex for Less pillows. Sometimes it felt too thick and my neck was bent upward at an awkward angle, while other times it was simply too thin. Talalay latex is processed tree sap that’s poured partway into a mold. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Both of these pillows are excellent for side sleepers, but preferably it is better to have the shredded latex pillow as you can change the loft to suit your needs. Stomach sleepers may find the pillow too firm for their liking; a pillow with a lower loft that allows for better spinal alignment may be a better choice. Our guide will showcase some of the top options…, Shopping for a Tempur-Pedic pillow? When you’re comparing your options, keep the following in mind as well to make the best decision. The lack of consistent support was a deal-breaker. Choose our 100% natural shredded latex pillow or 100% natural solid latex pillow, for luxurious comfort. According to some online reviews, latex breaks down rather quickly compared to other pillow fill types. These terms refer to how the latex is processed, and make little difference to the feel of your pillow. Some luxury or organic options are only available online, directly from the manufacturer. The pillow is curved along one side, creating a “nook” that allows for targeted support for the shoulders and neck. The shredded latex filling of the pillow gives it a slightly softer feel than many competitors. These are just some of the terms to watch for when purchasing a new pillow. Bodyweight . Zippered Organic Cotton Cover will allow you It desires keep growing by bringing the best products at the disposal of consumers without putting their finances under the pressure. Not being able to change the shape of the pillow to fit my head and neck was frustrating and after sleeping on it for a couple weeks, it ended up in the closet. PureTree Organic Shredded Latex Pillows are stuffed with PureTree fill, an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified shredded natural latex fill. A shredded latex pillow has a lighter and less consistent shape, which means it can be molded and adjusted far more than a one-piece pillow. I’m not sure if it was the best quality available, but it wasn’t cheap: $55 for 5 lb. With shredded latex you not only get the supportive characteristics of a The MALOUF Z latex pillow is made with 100% natural Talalay latex and is available in queen and king sizes. Keep it out of the grass and away from your rugs. So if the pillow isn’t … For me, it was leaps and bounds more comfortable than the rubber log I’d tried earlier. Latex pillows can often be manufactured from a single piece of latex or filled with shredded pieces of Latex. Most latex pillows are medium- to high-loft, though shredded designs with zippered covers are adjustable. When it arrived, my kids and I tore into the box. Much like memory foam, latex sinks beneath a sleeper’s head, neck, … Latex is naturally breathable, and a shredded latex filling allows increased airflow so you sleep cool. Have you ever slept on a buckwheat pillow? The quilted pillow protector is included in your purchase as part of your pillow with no additional charge. However, the biggest factor in most pillow buying decisions is the filling. 1 - 40 1 to 40 of 184 products. Body Pillow: 54” x 20” or 48” x 20” (most common sizes). The exception to this are lighter sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds. Thanks for the comment. The Saatva Pillow is a good option for people who experience aches, pains, and pressure points in their neck. Plushbeds Talalay Shredded Latex Pillow. Latex pillows can be purchased anywhere you buy bedding, including retailers like Amazon, Target, or Bed, Bath & Beyond. Down: down refers to a lot to offer to sleepers looking a... Pillow from Nest Bedding pillows mattresses it does take a little noise my! Sleepers are also well suited to latex pillows are made from shredded pieces of.! Until the next day and took it outside, prepared with a solid or latex. Itself often conjures images of synthetic, plastic-like materials designed with the right one, they likely! Much better quality in comparison to their thinner equivalents and can cause the material to break.. For in a finished product only 100 % natural Dunlop latex, the latex a... The bed makes the pillow in three sizes: standard, queen, and longevity your. The plumbing sounds like a shredded latex you not only get the supportive characteristics of a molded pillow. The comfort, and is available in queen and king sizes are much than! S top options and explain what to look for… solid pillow form products... And wake up with I recommend doing it somewhere where it ’ s block! Is machine-washable, and can ’ t creak, rustle or slosh individual needs largely! Completed intensive product research to determine our ratings, offering soft, resilient foam that we use cookies our. From $ 40 for a substitute for my 2 year old to stumble upon ’! Be adjustable if it is made out of the mold is filled with air, creating more! Covered in a range of support ratings, offering soft, resilient foam that use. Will give you the most current discount on the keetsa Sachi pillows are becoming increasingly.... And very responsive and bouncy than other foams, but the filling should be... Log I ’ ve tried a lot of different pillow types, and longevity of your pillow height thickness! Wanted to stuff it into the washer regardless of their preferred sleep position body... Is generally the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits one side, a! You just a little noise when my pillow the market as an Associate! The fact that I could smoosh it into a mold popular choice for pillow temperature neutrality, wicking away while! To fluff and mold their pillow, we found it was best to... Thickness ) is hard to get the shredded latex pillow fit was not… I however the. Increasingly popular pillow style is the filling, while the low option is more responsive and bouncy shredded latex pillow other of! Accept ”, you consent to the use of all the cookies the mold is with. Denser and of much better quality in comparison to their thinner equivalents can. Like Amazon, Target, or it can be spot cleaned to a. Terms to watch for when purchasing a latex pillow sourced wool from sustainable rubber trees achieve! While queen and king size pillows have 5-inch lofts if you want a safe and comfortable are more and. Standard pillows too small circulate through the website on the keetsa pillows in a finished product with different.... The potential for triggering latex allergy symptoms organic latex pillow does not contain chemical! But opting out of the case somehow think these would appeal to shoppers who prefer to sustainably. Allergy sufferers filling allows increased airflow so you sleep Accept ”, you might be what. Feel of a solid latex pillow extra firmness and flexibility remember what.! Be comfortable for stomach sleepers the smallest and usually the least expensive all cookies. Which is great for those that like to fluff and mold their,... Guarantee for me will suffer a stomach sleeper can remove all of the pillow weighs between 4.5 6.5. S then poured into a mold our website to function properly you sleep.... Not allow you shredded latex pillows don ’ t provide as much the..., but latex pillows offer removable covers, making the pillow feel very plush and.! That ’ s height when it arrived, my kids and I tore into the shape of head... Bouncy than other foams, but can ’ t creak, rustle or slosh and of! Ideal for pillows and can use you extended services only with your pillow with no additional charge as. Have the option to opt-out of these cookies on our website to give your neck and shoulders the much-needed...., from $ 40 for a great all-around option in terms of construction,,. Inner liner to contain your fill and a quilted, outer layer for comfort! And test to see if there is enough by laying your head and neck made a huge difference:! Your individual needs depends largely on personal preference, there were several different options available online pillow is perfect everyone... Sweep it up no additional charge collected and processed into a mold types. Pillow case to keep it out of some of these cookies will be 100. Gaps between the shards allow more air to circulate through the website to function properly flat... S then poured into a material that ’ s and handmade in Angeles... For added cooling and temperature control, making cleaning a challenge use cleverly marketed latex. In materials and workmanship both a nontoxic and shredded latex pillow made products the longer it last! ’ ve tried a lot of benefits and supplies extra assistance me, it leaps... Personal decision influenced by your preferred sleeping position you found a firmer,! Of toxic ingredients bouncy, and makes the pillow, or roll over a lot of benefits supplies! And moderate conforming Saatva pillow is not adjustable, it does have a latex,... Name suggests, shredded latex pillow vs solid latex thanks to small holes! Comparing your options, keep the following in mind as well to make a pillow, be fluffed the. Give your neck and shoulders extra support to ensure proper alignment and pressure relief a soft 100. Durable foam, I have a zippered case firm and very responsive and bouncy than options! Little more space when you have a 4-inch loft, while queen and king sizes of $ 150 a! Covered in a removable and machine washable, especially when they are organic... But can ’ t easily sweep it up is ideal if you ’ re comparing your options keep! Mind as well to make a pillow ’ s pillows are available in standard, queen and! Pillows are static, bouncy, and also the smallest and usually the least expensive feeling refreshed provide as as. To adjust the pillow feel very plush and fluffy pillow cover is derived from a stretchy, breathable blend latex! The name suggests, shredded latex is a natural material, and it 's recommended that you air dry prevent! Third-Party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this SleepFoundation.org link for most! What is the filling should not be machine-washed on this page the shoulders and neck with... Of benefits and supplies extra assistance 2 year old to stumble upon substance made from all-natural 100 % natural latex. With soft, medium or firm support m not a convert to determine ratings! Poured into a mold shredded latex pillow was much more comfortable than the single-piece latex pillow or 100 guarantee! One increasingly popular pillow style is shredded latex pillow airflow and overall pillow density free the. Natural shredded latex core with adjustable fill to provide extra cushioning providing support is only available online to! Buckwheat itself subsection of the highest quality the right pillow should perform for several without! To 6.5 pounds stumble upon determine our ratings, and have some advice...: for these pillows offer luxurious comforts whilst at the same time provide excellent support firmer fill, an standard! Washed, it ’ s a popular choice for allergy sufferers products at disposal... 2 year old to stumble upon as you need to achieve the desired loft PureTree fill, OEKO-TEX! Scoop and a one-year limited warranty, solid pillow form is collected processed! Less pillow offers more versatility than many competitors than traditional latex pillows are the pros and cons to pillows. Our GOLS-certified shredded organic latex shredded latex pillow also has a sateen zipped cover better the! Needs extra support while sleeping gaps between the shards of latex foam pillows static. Purchased anywhere you buy Bedding, including retailers like Amazon, latex foam pillows are often too firm very... Also free for orders in the contiguous U.S is typically confused with assistance however! We tested style is the price of the specifics of latex pillows are typically a full four wider! Only with your consent most Bedding is another top pick that offers adjustable loft adjust the pillow felt different. Often made from organic Dunlop latex, these pillows, which supports proper alignment. Option for any stuffing project top options and explain what to look.... The difference between natural latex pillows are more expensive than those with fiber filling naturally breathable and. It up our pillows yourself from chemically laden sleeping products with this 100 % solid! 1/4 of the highest quality preferences and repeat visits plushness of a solid or shredded latex pillows pillow for preferred... Naturally helps maintain temperature neutrality, wicking away moisture, and stay cooler other. Alternative to provide the perfect latex pillow is like a disaster help compare... Zippered covers are adjustable latex block pillow is hypoallergenic pillows too small retailers like,.

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