Annie: The best age to start dog obedience training. Coach led group classes. Sure. Which is actually also, I think how I met Kate was through your meetup. That's what my dad used to call himself, growing up. Let's see if I can do it. It's done. Advocates of using good dog training to help both the canine and human species. Are you enjoying this podcast? And she was an art collector and a dog lover, I’m guessing. YouTube:  The canine driving school is aimed at proving how intelligent the animals can be. **music** Flirt Poles: The Treat + Train: to respond. Hello human listeners. Full Transcript at, In 2012, Joe Freni's wife surprised him with a puppy they named Lenny. 474 were here. She writes: RVD Online: - @RiverValleyDoodles   Where did you move from? Pip's first rap album with Yungg Bo Evolutionary Parenting article on Attachment Theory and Attachment Parenting by Tracy Cassel PhD  But that was like a real seminal moment for me because it was the first time that I was sort of immersed in a group of dog trainers outside of the two other people in my class at KPA. Lenny on Social Media: Today I am going to be answering some dog training questions that have come down the pipeline. Gloria: And I started following it and just sort of became obsessed with Lola's Instagram and was like, who is this person writing it? Annie: The trick to training a "down" is to teach your dog to do it when you ask for it. I think we rely far too heavily on language when it comes to dog training. And then I read somewhere one time and it was, this was all, it took me that beagles are terrible in the city because they just have their nose to the ground. It was also, it was just so interesting to meet people doing it, like all people from all over the country and also meeting different kinds of dog trainers and cause Association Professional Dog Training is not strictly, um... The Revol Crate: The benefits of having therapy dogs in the classroom include: Physical benefits. Annie: We are a professionally recognized leader in day camp and training services. That involves adding a cue. Thank you for listening and a particularly big thank you to those of you who have reached out in the last few weeks. Hello humans. Annie: Full transcript at, Native New Yorker Gloria Bardin lives in a one-bedroom apartment with three Dobermans, one pitbull, a Havanese, two mixed breeds and three cats. I had grown up with a dog and he grew up in a very animal free house and was not that interested in the idea of a dog, but I was very persistent. Help dogs and dog owners gain access to Good Dog Training. Hey everyone. The Seeing Eye, Inc. is a guide dog school located in Morristown, New Jersey, in the United States.Founded in 1929, the Seeing Eye is the oldest, and one of the largest, of guide dog schools in the U.S. MistyTrails' content can be found here - Puppy Intensive Care - On wolves and poodles - If you really want to geek out on dog genetics, this slide show is for you. Partial Transcript: We love to hear from you. 2010 it was. there. Yeah, yeah. I'm a dog owner. Three cats, and any other animals we should know about now? --- Gloria: --- You know, we didn't realize how big it had gotten until we started going out just in our everyday lives with Pip, like, “Oh, let's go for a bike on the boardwalk, and people started screaming his name.” He's getting recognized and that has just been like the craziest experience of my life. Notes:  Find the Revol at StoreForTheDogs - Through 3/31/19, get $25 off your Revol crate purchase from with code SFTD25 - 10 innovative crates - Database of dogs licensed in NYC (last updated in 2017) - The Treat And Train We want to crate train for all the reasons you mentioned on the podcast and also because I want him to stop sleeping in our bed. This is an excellent idea that can save lives. Or a master? Emily: Emily writes... Annie: Now I’m going to talk about how to walk the dog, like how you should be walking and what equipment you can use. I am here with Gloria Bardin who is an East Village native. Facebook Group: He tries to eat the bars, jumps up and throws himself against the bars, and generally cries until you open the door. He is a bodybuilder and a world champion powerlifter. It was the voice of this hilarious, um, tiny French bulldog. Therapy dogs have been active in schools for some time. Products mentioned in this episode:   like verbally "thanking" pieces of clothing and "waking up" sleeping books by tapping them. So sorry sorry that the extra noise, maybe we can The Animaswizzler: If you're enjoying School for the Dogs’ podcast, please do subscribe on iTunes while you're there. Cherrie and Annie have an honest discussion about the way people acquire dogs, the science of good breeding, and the emotional rollercoaster of rearing puppies. Twitter:  @LennyandJoeShow We honestly can’t imagine entrusting anyone else with our dogs as all of the services offered at Coventry are top notch.  Seriously, I really appreciate it. I want to talk about what behaviors you’re going to reward and where you're gonna reward and then I’m going to give you two exercises that you can work on when you're trying to practice your dog’s loose leash walking. Morris The Cat's 1980s commercials Anyway, at one time I was sitting in the park with my dog on a bench and this guy came and sat down on a park bench near me with his dog and we started chatting a little bit and I couldn't resist saying something, I was nice about it, but I said something like, “I notice your dog walks really close to you”, or something like that,  it wasn't super judgy and he said something like, “ well how a dog  is supposed to walk. Annie's preferred crate, the Revol (get $25 off the Revol with code SFTD25 at checkout through March 31, 2019) - See through pen on Etsy by ClearlyLovedPets - See through crate on Etsy by PrettyKennels - Treat and Train - The Toppl toy The RSPCA School for Dogs Foundation Class caters for dogs of all ages – our small classes ensure that everyone receives the individual attention they need. I've gotten so many questions lately that are so good I want to answer them all but I'm going to see if I can get through two or three before uhm we have a baby meltdown here. Specialties: We provide punishment-free private dog training and group training in clients' homes and at our East Village studio (previously located in Gramercy). And research shows that therapy-dog programs provide significant benefits for students. Full Transcript available at, In this Q+A episode, Annie answers a question from a puppy owner whose dog is scared of the crate and stresses out when left alone, and then considers another dog owner who asks if "Attachment Theory" applies to dogs. Sign up today! Annie: I remember it was 2010, cause it was right after I finished Karen Pryor Academy. Full Transcript available at, We use dog crates every day at School For The Dogs. While she might be adept at using positive reinforcement (mostly in the form of her sheer enthusiasm about junk drawers) and other methods that dovetail with Good Dog Training, her approach also  encourages people to attach their actions to part in certain bizarre "superstitious" behaviors. Because although I have seven hands and four brains, it's hard to get it all done. Today I wanted to go over how to teach your dog to lie down and as I mentioned in the episode I did a Rachel: I'll let his human explain. Uh, German Shepherds were the main ones. As some of you know, I had a baby And it's really, really hard to manage that. Facebook: --- Annie: No, I was not. So I knew the people in the collection and actually appraised the collection. few months ago on teaching the dog to sit - obviously lying down is something your dog already knows Sure. Annie: when you ask him or her to do it. For the former, she describes how to use a verbal cue. So today I am talking to someone who six months ago had a problem in the form of a tiny kitten who was driving her and her husband crazy. In this episode, Annie addresses the difference between a "cue" and a "command," and talks about some of the pitfalls people tend to fall into when attempting to cue a dog -- is the dog responding to your words? Full Transcript available at, Every dog already knows how to lie down -- your dog lies down all the time! [laughing] She has like no neck, which adds to her adorableness, I think. I think it was my second conference or maybe my first. And they're legally speaking, they are still property, but people used to view the pets as their property, right? Annie: Hello, my name is Emily Meadows and I'm the owner of Pip, the beach cat. Annie: external link Therapy dogs can help reduce student stress, anxiety and improve school attendance – The Conversation Full episode 24min 30sec BTN Classroom Episode 33, 2020 Alan: Fun Boston Terrier Facts: just pretend that baby Magnolia here is my co host. Is that how you call the company or is it Diggs pet products? Annie talked to Rachel about creating, and managing, her dog's Internet celebrity. The safety of our children in our schools is a priority, so gun-sniffing police dogs were approved to be used in some Broward County schools. Occasionally he goes quiet. He is five months old. Pip's rap video: Big Pippin' By Yungg Bo Feat., with Lil P aka Lil Pip If you tag School for the Dogs, we will go ahead and share in our stories too. What did you think of the collection when you first saw it? Partial Transcript: You can do this in multiple ways, you can take a picture of your podcast player We offer cutting-edge enrichment programs, utilize positive reinforcement methods, and provide stress-free handling approaches that are based on scientifically-sound principles, extensive experience and advanced education in canine behavior. Partial Transcript: What was her collection? --- School For The Dogs. Annie and she discuss how she built her career, and go over some key things to consider when training a dog for interspecies sibling-hood. Partial Transcript: Hello humans, thank you for tuning in to School for the Dogs podcast. Products: Annie talks to her about how finding a creative way to deal with her cat's behavior issues has led to a life neither she nor Pip could ever have predicted. Annie: Listen to these adorable sounds, you can't make this THE COVENTRY SCHOOL: TRAINING HOWARD COUNTY PET DOGS POSITIVELY FOR 25 YEARS. Rachel works in finance, but during her bathroom breaks at the office, she has developed an entire character for her little dog, built through photos and captions. The Dapper Dawg School of Professional Pet Grooming : Stoneham, MA : 300 clock hours : N/A: Michigan School of K-9 Cosmetology : Lansing, MI : 600 clock hours : N/A: Clip Shoppe School of Dog … kinda stuff up… and that was my dog snorting. If you have a training question you'd like answered, submit it at Have a training question you'd like addressed? knows and, like many dog trainers, use the word cue instead of the word command although if you want away from the microphone guzzling down some milk. The dog is trained. We grew up here, but not really in Manhattan. But they're totally necessary. [Intro] Now,  if you've listened to this podcast before you might know that I generally think we use too many words with dogs in general. Annie: I am here with my seven week old baby, Magnolia. Gets into poodles/wolves around the 4th minute - Also see Chapter 13 of Man and Wolf: Advances, Issues, and Problems in Captive Wolf Research - On Goldendoodles and "back crosses" I don’t know about her collection. And we've known each other actually for a long time now. send a direct message on Instagram, you can also go to Annie and I will do my best And I wanted to talk to Zel today because he has a product that is innovative in a bunch of ways, which we will talk about, but I think interesting to me in part because it's really like the only innovative thing in the world and the world is crates. We had no idea that she would become an Instagram star, or that she was secretly obsessed with unicorns and alpacas, loved purple fruit loops and waffles (which she calls "woofles,"), considered herself a "floofdragon" and had hobbies including interior decorating and counting her own feet. [Intro] Sadly, it is not open to dogs but my dog will be there doing a demo. He was the art dog's master. So our first question comes through Instagram from a listener named B. Or your body language? --- Alan: If you take a screenshot and share in stories and tag School for the Dogs on Instagram, we will reshare it. Partial Transcript: Pip's Guide To Ocean City Yes, Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge in New Jersey. Annie: Let NWA School for Dogs help you create a life long bond with your family pet based on communication and fun! No, I had a Guinea pig, but my mom has it now. Thank you for listening. Notes:   Partial Transcript: So for a little while there you had nine dogs and three cats? Back to school is looking a little bit different this year for everyone, even our dogs. Why? --- So my husband and I had different views on a dog in general. And I've been following the Best Friend's guidelines, which say that some dogs will never adapt to crates after being born in a puppy mill. It's like social crack. Check out our classes . My name is Alan Fausel, I’m the Executive Director of the AKC Museum of the Dog which has just been moved from St. Louis to New York. Doggyama, I loved it. Hi. [Intro] A place for School For The Dogs' Members & Friends to find like-minded local canine lovers interested in coordinating playdates, sharing tips, and working together towards creating the best possible life for city dogs. Just tell me about how Lola came into your life. Learn about the principles behind RSPCA's School for Dogs and how our methods can help your family and your best friend live a happy life together. Was that the first time you'd ever been to the association? But there are plenty of moments that haven't been so... golden. Outside time isn’t about fooling around. Guide Dog schools are accredited by the International Guide Dog Federation. Conditioning is a term that's synonymous with learning. And what kind of dogs did she breed. Anyway, if you enjoy this podcast, just want to remind you that you can help me out by sharing it with And I'm with my three-month old cohost who is being quiet right now, but she may have something to say shortly. They weren't as kind of everywhere as they are now, but they were-- Why are you having these, you know, niggling observations about someone else doing something as simple as teaching a dog to sit. how to do good, your dog lies down all the time-the trick is of course to teach your dog to lie down They're an integral part of dog training: We recommend them to clients who are house training puppies, incorporate them into class exercises, and transport dogs in them. Take a moment to conjure up sort of the perfect image of what a walk should be there. APDT is the Association for Professional Dog Training? Annie: Tune in to learn how to use science-based methods to train dogs (and people) without pain, force, or coercion! She had hundreds of dogs at any one time. So if I need to go in one direction, I want him to be aware of that and go in that direction with me. Annie interviews the museum's executive directly, Alan Fausel, about the museum's collection, history, and fan favorites. Or both? My vision of the perfect walk, if I were to paint a watercolor of it, would be my dog walking near me with a very loose leash, ideally no tension on the leash and I want us to kind of be paying attention to each other's needs. Or go to and you'll find a nifty little form there. Partial Transcript: In this episode, Annie spoke about how she wished there were a collar that could vibrate but not shock a dog; most vibrating collars are also shock collars. Breeding resources referenced by Cherrie:  Partial Transcript: Annie: Jessica: But I was specifically talking about, uh, words that we use with each other to discuss dog training. Rachel: And yet... she seems totally sane. And I also once met another dog named Lenny named after Leonard Bernstein. You can send a direct message. Fun Dog Fact:  An adorable bag for all your dog's school essentials. From our Blog. Puppies are ready for dog obedience training between eight and 12 weeks old, says Nick Hof, a certified professional dog … But first, I want to talk for a minute about what you want your dog to look like on leash or what you want your walks to look like on the leash? Yeah Notes: And it really feels good to know that we're reaching people. To help him extend energy in a more appropriate way, Emily began to take him on walks on the beach. RSPCA School for Dogs. Annie encourages people to become literate in the basics of behavioral science in order to … Partial Transcript: Especially at podcasting because even if I can get someone else to watch her and I do have an amazing woman who comes and watches her a few hours, a few days a week and my in-laws and my mom and my husband, but even if I can get someone to watch her which is great; I live in like a loft basically,  there's no doors so it's hard to find a quiet spot to record and uh best case scenario I can like find a way to record while she naps but her naps were sort of unpredictable and every night I think, “OK well tonight I'm going to record a podcast episode when she goes to sleep but usually by then I'm so exhausted that I know that I'm not going to be giving you my best self.” But that’s not my idea of how my dog is supposed to walk. The staff has always been exceptional – everyone here is a true dog person, and it shows. Leave a review and give us a five star rating. So I actually just had two puppies in my house that I just got adopted this weekend. Hi everyone. Annie talked to her about how she has built a life that can accommodate taking care of so many pets. In this episode, he and Annie talk about the problem with crates, and the "revolution" that he foresees. We LOVE dogs and they are our passion! Not long after he started showing his dog in the ring, Joe decided to also start showing... himself. Stop by! Marie Kondo on Netflix - Marie Kondo's book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - Marie Kondo on The Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert, 2/5/2019 - Marie Kondo on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 1/29/2019 - Cesar Millan clip quoted in podcast, in which Millan tells the dog owner that her dog's won't listen to her unless she is "calm and assertive" and "injecting energy" into them while walking. Six months later, Pip The Beach cat has become a local celebrity with worldwide fans, and Emily is a full-time cat "momager," who is currently orchestrating Pip's book launch, promoting his rap album, and bringing him nearly daily to do therapy cat work at local nursing homes. So today I am talking to my friend, fellow dog trainer, Jessica Jacobson, who has her own dog training business in New York City. Mendota Lightweight Braided Leash Summary: Annie Grossman of the NYC-based dog training center School For The Dogs answers training questions, confronts myths, geeks out on animal behavior, discusses pet trends and interviews industry experts. But we started seeing Frenchies everywhere. You'll enjoy it way more. In the United States, the name "seeing eye dog" is only used in reference to a guide dog from The Seeing Eye in Morristown, New Jersey, which has trademarked the term. In fact, he was so perfect that they decided to start enrolling him in competitions. I also think there were some Bedlingtons in there and Cocker Spaniels. Annie: I've been trying to find the perfect time to record this podcast all day and waiting Alan: NOTES - Barbara Woodhouse, dog trainer who throws books at dogs. We moved from college. Cooper has been training dogs for over 20 years, as service dogs, therapy dogs and K9 intervention dogs. School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman . He also won't eat if he knows he's closed in the pen or crate. Annie: Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs by Malena Demartini-Price  -  I'll Be Home Soon by Patricia McConnell, PhD Hello humans. Annie: It's a really great way to let people know about this podcast. If you would like to join us in future leave us your details below. I think you probably already know about human superstitions, like wearing a certain pair of socks so that your favorite baseball team wins or not walking under a ladder or crossing a black cat... Full Transcript available at School:  A horse may not drink when they are led to water, but puppies and dogs are a different story -- if they’re properly schooled.. Dog training school teaches a variety of essential commands and techniques that can make your canine a happy camper and your life easier in the process.. Annie: Also make sure to see our recent episode on training "Sit." Full transcript available at, You might consider your dog your "baby," but what happens if you decide to add an actual infant to your family? For nearly a decade, School For The Dogs has been helping owners and their dogs thrive in New York City. OK so the first one comes from Emily of Cleveland OH. Episode 42: Let's talk about dog breeding with Cherrie Mahon  And I mean obviously I no longer feel that way because I see the extremes of how people approach dog training. And I wanted to talk to Rachel for this episode because, I think even before dogs on Instagram were sort of a thing, she had an account for Lola on Instagram. I've tried covering the crate to make it more den like, but he barks and jumps the whole time. Yeah. Marie Kondo, Cesar Millan & training humans with snake oil your dog-loving friends. And if you're on Instagram tag us in your stories or in your feed, send a DM. Annie: So right now I managed to have her in a sling, on my body, taking a bottle although she just pushed it out so that she could suck her thumb and I am going to attempt to answer some of the excellent questions that I've been storing up. There are far more important things in the world to worry about. Operant conditioning explained in Little Golden Books  School For The Dogs: Members & Friends has 205 members. Partial Transcript:  And when we moved to Manhattan, there were Frenchies. NWA School for Dogs is proud to offer force free training solutions for dogs of all ages. I first met her when she came to our Puppy Playtime with two of her dogs, but the reason I was interested in having her on the podcast is not because she has two dogs, not because she has three dogs or four dogs. Partial Transcript: Our beloved Boston Terrier student Reggie is on Instagram at @reggieinnyc Now you might be surprised that dogs are superstitious as are people, of course. Pip's NYC adventures as chronicled by The NY Post The Animatwist: So why don't we talk quickly? Storing them is a pain, and when you have to open and then collapse them all day long (like we do), you're going to suffer pinched fingers. I am here with Rachel Redner. Dapper Dog Training - Marilyn Ullman of the "Discover Your Dream Career" course - Association of Professional Dog Trainers' annual conference - Nursing Your Baby by Karen Pryor - Snuggle Puppies - Annie's baby! So today I want to talk about someone who has been making the rounds on talk shows, and just generally in the news a lot, her name is Marie Kondo. “ So fair enough. Phoebe controls the TV with her eyes   Jessica: The following are blog posts about The Dog Training Triad. Hello? But, in this guide to teaching a dog to walk on a loose leash, Annie suggests teaching where you want your dog to walk in relation to your body (right next to your leg), and what you want your dog to be doing on leash (checking in with you often) before you start relying on equipment to control your dog's behavior. If you have already enrolled on a course, please LOGIN and click MY … NOTES We have a class to suit every owner and their best friend! This episode contains suggestions on training exercises to help teach nice walking (with or without a leash), protocols for encouraging good behaviors on leash, and gear recommendations. And today, I have the pleasure of speaking with the Museum's Executive Director. Our face-to-face classes are suspended until the end of February across the UK, following the latest Government guidance. In this episode, Annie learns about Joe's journey as a body builder, a power lifting world champion, and as a show dog handler. I've always loved Boston Terriers and we actually had three Boston Terriers prior to Lenny so they were all rescues and this was our first first Boston Terrier from a breeder.... Operant conditioning explained on The Big Bang Theory Being  Noisy! Spock in Star Trek due to the pointy ears and the fact that we’re huge, you know, Star Trek nerds. Annie: Instagram:  We are fully certified, insured, and are the only trainers in NYC to be… Instagram:  @puppy_kid We aren't sure how long we will be doing these sessions for free, so take advantage of this opportunity now. And if you live under a rock and you don't know who I'm talking about, she is an expert on tidying up. and share it on social media, on your stories or your feed. In fact, her new Netflix series is called "Tidying Up" but years before this Netflix show, she was already quite well known for her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Annie: Freedom Harness Leonard Nimoy is also from Boston which we thought was really cool. My name is Jessica and my company is called Dapper Dog training and I'm stoked to be here. the coventry school: training howard county pet dogs positively for 25 years. --- Hey there, humans. No turtles or gerbils, or hamsters? Little Miss Magnolia who is so wonderful and I really love being a mom,  but as you may have heard parenting is hard.

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