Mar 11 2020 | Mt. Chocorua but my first up the Piper trail. Pictures from Mount Chocorua via Piper Trail album - Mount Chocorua via Piper Trail, NH. It also connects to Piper Trail which takes you to the base of Mt. Mar 16 2020 | Mt Chocorua, NH via Piper Trail. It started from the gateway opposite Wing’s Tavern. Surface Conditions: Piper trail: Best for descent. Chocorua. The rocky and pointed summit brings beautiful … Continue hiking until you reach the intersection with Piper Trail, at which point you should follow Piper Trail for 0.6 miles to arrive at the summit of Chocorua. Heading back down Route 16 and I get to the pull-in for Piper Trail which is a different parking location during winter. CONTACT:Conservation Officer Benjamin Lewis603-744-5470603-271-3361September 21, 2020 Tamworth, NH – At approximately 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 19, a call was received from 911 dispatch for two lost hikers on the Weetamoo Trail on Mt. Piper Trail (USFS) The Piper Trail is a very popular trail that offers maximum walking on open ledges to the summit of Mount Chocorua. 16 just north of the junction with NH 113 in Chocorua Village. Note that some of the FKTs reported here are for the Piper Trail from the South, and others are for the (faster?) Mod/Difficult. Follow Piper Trail for 0.2 mile where it will meet West Side Trail on the right; keep straight on Piper Trail. There are many trails up the mountain and the most popular are the Piper trail from the east, Liberty trail from the west, and Champney Falls trail from the north. Mar 14 2020 | Champney Falls, NH via Champney Falls Trail. The Camp Penacook Spur Trail at 3.1 miles branches off to the left and ascends .2 miles to the shelter. Piper Trail The trailhead is on Route 16, 6 miles south of Conway behind Davies’s General Store. The Piper Trail ascends moderately past a cleared outlook to Carter Ledge. The Mount Chocorua via Piper Trail at the White Mountain National Forest in Albany, New Hampshire is a difficult 8.1-mile out-and-back hike that takes you up the southern side of Mount Chocorua to the summit. August 05, 2020 Br. Continue following the loop trail until it rejoins Champney Falls Trail. Moderate. The Piper trail also as good views of the summit and after the split with the Champney Falls trail it offers some views of Chocorua that you won't see anywhere else. Trail distances and estimated hiking times from trailhead: Nickerson Ledge Trail: 1.2 miles, 1 hour Chocorua River Crossing: 1.8 miles, 1 hour, 20 minutes Camp Penacook Spur Trail: 2.8 miles, Chocorua with the 360 degree views for which it is famous. Maintenance: The Piper Trail is maintained by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS). 30 minutes Trail details. Chocorua, Champney Falls, Pitcher Falls, NH: Trails: Champney Brook Trail, Piper Trail, Champney Falls Loop: Date of Hike: Thursday, January 7, 2021: Parking/Access Road Notes: At the large lot for Champney Brook Trail along the Kanc. 5-8 knot wind at the summit. Oct 20 | Hiking the Skull Cairn Trail on Mt Chocorua by: Philip Werner / sectionhiker. Cliff overlooks. There is also a shelter half way up (Taking the piper trail, there is a parking for $5 a day) and one can do the whole trail in 2-3h. Champney Falls Trail ends 80 yards later where it meets Piper Trail. Come and dis­cov­er what makes this unique Inver­ness Cen­tre com­mu­ni­ty of col­or­ful cot­tages, bright gar­dens and sun­ny peo­ple so exciting. Chocorua - Piper Trail. After 1.4 miles, swing left on the Champney Falls loop path to see the base of Champney Falls and Pitcher Falls. Within a short distance from this overview, we reached the junction with the Piper Trail and made our way to summit Mt. Trail: Champney Falls Trail > Piper Trail Miles: 8.4 Hours: 5 hiking, 5:30 total Level: Moderate/Difficult. Directions to trailhead parking: RT 16 in Chocorua, N.H. At Chocoura Lake Bridge follow dirt road till you see trail … We will then descend via Liberty/Hammond/Weetamoo trails before re-joining the Piper Trail to complete the 9.5 mile loop. Piper Trail is the Midwest’s first true “ pock­et neigh­bor­hood” for active adults. Piper Trail is officially open Say hel­lo to an excit­ing new way of living. While Christine talked about how it was scary to her, it was a challenge to get to the summit. Champney Falls trail: Views of the Falls itself along the way. The Champney Falls Trail is located along the scenic Kancamagus Highway and starts from a large, well-established parking area with vault toilets. The parking lot is located 7.0 miles from Center Conway, NH. Mario from United States . At 3.0 miles the Middle Sister cutoff leads to the Middle Sister Trail. It is a well kept trail, steep and rocky after the first half through the woods, when one starts walking almost only on rock. The most direct path to the Jim Liberty Cabin is via the Hammond Trail and the Liberty Trail although you can also climb down to it from Chocorua’s rocky summit. The Champney Falls were beautiful surrounded by snow covered trees but after a bit of rock scrambling we decided that maybe continuing on to Mount Chocorua was unadvisable. Chicoura. Today’s Liberty Trail was previously the Chocorua Mountain Road, which led to a logging camp that later became the Peak House hotel in 1892. The Champney Falls Trail will reach a saddle and pass the Middle Sister Trail on the left. Bolles Trail and the Champney Falls – Bolles – Chocorua … 3,490 feet, approx 2,250 elevation gain. The hike up to the summit is quite tricky. 70 dF +/- at the trailhead, 65 dF at summit. The regular lot is not plowed nor maintained during winter so the neighbor who lives next to the road offers parking for $3. The Piper Trail ascends moderately past a cleared outlook to Carter Ledge. The first was a late start to the iconic (and difficult to pronounce) Mt Chocorua. katiedc 6 months ago Track (6/7/20, 06:17:3) pjbeardsley 1 year, 2 months ago Mt. Chocorua and heads South. The trail then becomes steeper and changes into a series of switchbacks, stone steps, and paving. Mount Chocorua is part of the 6,100-acre Mount Chocorua Scenic Area, which was created in 1986 as part of the White Mountain Forest Plan. Mt. The trail starts on a gradual grade following an old logging road. The first set of switchbacks is reached at 2.4 miles. Rhodora, rhododendron canadense , blooming on the Liberty Trail, Mount Chocorua. Its located just behind the general story and in the winter you have to pay $3.00 to park. Soon the Champney Falls Trail ends at the junction of the Piper Trail, which will lead you to the summit in .6 mile. Explore pictures from the trail, uploaded by hikers like you. This is my 3rd visit to the summit of Mt. By doing this loop you walk all the way around the upper section of the mountain. Chocorua (3,490’) is one of the most photographed mountains in the Whites Mountains! Mar 21 2020 | Middle Sister, NH via Champney Falls Trail, Champney Falls Cut-Off, Middle Siste..... Mar 22 2020 | Mt. Especially popular are the Piper Trail (4.2 miles (6.8 km) each way from the east), the Champney Falls Trail (from the north), and the Liberty Trail (from the southwest). Nickerson/Carter Ledge trails were fairly steep ascents with some ledges, but wasn't as scary as I was expecting. Veer right on Piper Trail to ascend Mount Chocorua (Piper trail also goes to the left as it descends the mountain to the east). Champney Falls Trail … Piper trail to Mt Chocorua. to Mt Chocorua summit (3490′): 4.3 mi., 2700 ft, 3 hr. Nice hike up Mt Chocorua. Oct 23 | The Chocorua Challenge by: Mike Cherim / redlineguiding. Mt Chocorua. Mt. History: The Piper Trail was first blazed by Joshua Piper in the 1860s. The trail also connects to Middle Sister Trail which takes you over Three Sisters and Blue Mountain. This is a very good hike for dogs. Chocorua is one of the southernmost peaks in the White Mountains, and not particularly tall at only 3500 feet, but it has one of the most distinctive shapes in the area, with a snaggle-tooth rocky peak jutting up from the ridge. Mount Chocorua has the feel of a 4,000-footer without quite reaching that elevation. The trail up to the Pitcher and Champney Falls was mostly well-marked, though conditions underfoot on a snowy day in May were not the best - quite slippery. 2019-05-09. "Took Nickerson Ledge to Carter Ledge up to Third Sister, followed along to Middle Sister, First Sister then onto Piper Trail up to Chocorua and back down Piper Trail. After enjoying Middle Sister's open ledge views, we will continue up the Piper Trail to the summit of Mt. The first few miles are a fairly easy grade on a well maintained and easy to follow trail. Kent Blosil and Magdalena Blosil, both from Groton, MA, called 911 when they were descending the Weetamoo Trail… March 1, 2013. Virtual Tour of Mt. The Champney Falls Trail, Piper Trail, and Liberty Trail are the most popular trails. Moderate climb. Dog-Friendliness: Water Access: Dog Safety: Distance: 4 – Recommended: 2 – Infrequent: 3 – Occasional Obstacles: 8.6 miles: Dog-Friendliness. The Weetamoo Trail turns off to the left at .08 miles and the Nickerson Ledge Trail turns off to the right at 1.4 miles. I remembered Piper as being a mellow trail with good views (see previous report). Hiking Trail Conditions Report: Peaks: Mt. Oct 25 | carter ledge & middle sister, NH via carter ledge trail, middle sister trail , piper trail & rt16 roadwalk by: jack from littleton / newenglandtrailconditions. The Champney Falls Trail is known for the waterfalls Mt Chocorua, Albany, NH. Hiking up the Hammond Trail on Mt Chocorua. Hiked with Rich today. Chocorua in Tamworth. Mt Chocorua: Piper Trail. Approx. earlsiresgmailcom Uncategorized August 16, 2018 2 Minutes. Chocorua, NH via Champney Falls Trail to Piper Trail. I'd hiked to the peak using the Champney Falls trail in 2006, and in 2012 went up the Nickerson Ledge trail and down Piper. The lower third of the Piper trail and the entire Weetamoo trail has very good footing. A bit warm and crowded at the summit, otherwise close to perfect. Liberty trail: More steep and rough. (Thursday) Via Champney Falls trail, Piper Trail, Middle Sister Trail. Mount Chocorua’s open granite summit rises over Chocorua Lake, creating a picturesque reflection not far from the Liberty Trailhead. Approx 8 miles. The Hammond Trail trailhead is on Scott Road off NH Rt. June 11, 2016. In the … Especially popular are the Piper Trail (4.2 miles (6.8 km) each way from the east), the Champney Falls Trail (from the north), and the Liberty Trail (from the southwest). Leashed pets are allowed. There are several trails to the summit that create a variety of out-and-back and loop options. Cliff overlooks. There are several ways to get to the summit of Mt Chocorua and we decided to do the Piper Trail. ascheletsky 1 year, 3 months ago Chocura. Would be tough in wet/icy conditions." Chocorua another .2 miles via the Brook Trail. Mt Chocorua - 3475' Although not even 3500' tall, Mt Chocorua is one of the most climbed and picturesque mountains in the Whites.