The Logic HE is only available with a manual control and offers heat output up to 3.8kW with efficiency of 76%. You have the choice of 2 fret options (contemporary or traditional) and a polished cast or polished brass finish. Available on a selection of Flavel fires but shown here on the popular Caress model, the Plus models feature a deeper canopy which allows the flue outlet to be more restricted than on a standard open-fronted fire. Ideally suited to a Class 1 chimney, the E-Box gas fire can also be fitted into a Pre-Fabricated (5") flue and there is a optional spacer which will allow the fire to be fitted into shallower Pre-Cast flues. Would love some help with it as I'm planning on selling my house soon and dread anyone testing the for. Great product and great service. This open-fronted gas fire offers an impressive 3.9kW heat output and is offered with a vast array of options including trim, fret & fuel bed. Great customer service especially from engineer James. Deliveries are always on time, we always feel that all members of staff do their utmost to support, from helping recommend a product and suitability for purpose or supplying the latest products that I know are tested to high standards. Having had an initial problem with our new fire James attended and had it resolved quickly. Fits into standard 410 x 560 x 250mm (WxHxD) fireplace opening. An ideal companion for any modern fireplace, the contemporary version of the Crystal Super Heatrave gas fire is a popular choice with gas fitters due to its straight forward installation and superb reliability. ... Be the first to review “Gazco Logic HE Inset Gas Fire” Cancel reply. This then takes weeks to get a replacement by which time winter is over ! The new, Gazco Logic HE Holyrood gas fire allows you to personalise your new fire to your exact needs This beautiful gas fire features a virtually invisible glass front that improves the efficiency and comes supplied with a choice of coal or white stone fuel effects Choose from … This results in improved efficiency and heat output. Top Rated Products. They are all offered with a choice of fuel effects including coal, pebble and driftwood. • High Efficiency 82% • Shallow appliance installation depth of just 155mm • EchoFlame Black Glass Lining • Sleek Black Glass Frame comes with … Our new Logic HE fire is much more heat efficient and we felt the difference immediately. Gazco’s new slide system has a subtly designed, ergonomic lever that can be found at the top right hand side of the frame for ease of access. Are you looking for a replacement gas fire for your existing fireplace? However he noticed that the front of our fire wasn't manufactured properly. The Verine Vertex XL is operated by fully sequential remote control and is offered with a large selection of fuel effects such as logs & pebbles. This fascia option allows the fire to be fitted into a standard fireplace opening or raised up on the wall as a stand-alone feature. Gazco Logic HE - Conventional Flue Gas Fire - Complete Front Contact Us for Best Price The latest in the Logic™ gas fires range, the Logic™ HE has a glass front and boasts the highest efficiency of all the Logic™ Fires at up to 89%. Logic™ HE fire. It comes with a almost invisible glass front and draws cool air in the top of the appliance, passes it over hot surfaces in the convection chamber and emits it back into the room … Crystal Fires are manufactured in Liverpool and their range includes gas fires with various depths ensuring there is a model suitable for all flue types. Do you need a fire for heat or just aesthetics? No modern fire should ‘pack-in’ every couple of years. Conventional FlueThe Gazco Logic HE is a stunning glass fronted gas fire providing your home with a sleek yet cosy feel. Does your home have the adequate flue for the gas fire you like? We have recently purchased and had installed a Stovax Chesterfield 5 Wide. The thermo couple keeps breaking within days of it being used ! Had the receiver unit replaced as recommended by Gazco which fixed the issue for only a few weeks. Gazco’s Logic2 Electric Progress is the ultra-contemporary fire of the Logic2 range and comes in an Iridium finish for its minimalistic look. Thank you. This hole-in-the-wall gas fireplace offers ultra-cool, contemporary styling and utilises the very latest in gas fire technology. This is not what I expected from a product of this price ! Had a stovax elise fitted. Home » Heating » Gas Fires » Best Indoor Gas Fire 2021 – Buyer’s Guide Best Indoor Gas Fire 2021 – Buyer’s Guide When the weather gets a bit colder, there is nothing better than a nice fire in the living room kicking out some heat, which helps to keep central heating costs down too. Another new one installed a few days ago and worked for a day now doesn’t turn on either. Take a look at the gas fires below and we welcome any questions you may have in ensuring that the fire you choose will be suitable for you. The latest in the Logic™ gas fires range, the Logic™ HE has a glass front and boasts the highest efficiency of all the Logic™ Fires at up to 89%. I bought a Gazco logic open fronted fire a couple of months ago from a local shop. I'm sorry to hear that you had a problem with your new fire. All rights reserved. Really disappointed within a month of buying the fire it started to make a loud noise whilst the heat is on. These inset gas fires will help you to save on installation cost, as these reduced draught fires usually don’t need any wall or floor vent. One of the most appealing features of the Verine Alpena balanced flue is its superb 4.3kW heat output combined with a market leading net efficiency of up to 94%! Gazco Logic HE Convector Manual Control Conventional Flue Gas Fire was £615.00 Special Price £488.93 Save: £ 126.07 was £615.00 Special Price £488.93 Save: £ 126.07 Gazco Gas Fires Gazco produces a wide range of high-efficiency gas fires in a variety of design and installation options such as freestanding, inset, and hole in the wall look. Excellent fire, excellent customer service. For smaller room and fireplace openings, the Gazco Huntingdon 20 balanced flue gas stove will add a warming atmosphere into homes that do not feature a chimney or flue. I have to say that I am absolutely over the moon with it. Gazco Logic HE Gas Fire – “Looks great fits the age of the house.” ... Home » Customer Showcase & Reviews » Testimonials » Gazco Logic HE Gas Fire – “Looks great fits the age of the house. The Verine Alpena offers incredible performance and efficiency and is a extremely popular choice for homeowners without a chimney or flue. I purchased a yeoman CL 5 in Dec 2015 to supplement my central heating system but mostly as a visual effect, which is fortunate as it’s only worked for about 4 weeks in this whole time ! A recent addition to the Gazco gas fire range, the Logic HE is a glass-fronted, inset gas fire available to combine with a large choice of fronts. Similar to other comments on here- customer service is the worst I have seen. The Gazco E-Box gas fire is synonymous for being a high-quality, glass fronted gas fire which offers a superb flame picture. We bought an electric stove and it was making a noise, so they sent an engineer to look at it, after replacing both motors he still was not happy and said he would recommend it was replaced. It is the ideal replacement to an old, open-fronted living flame fire that is likely to be losing up to 50% of it's heat up the chimney. © 2021 Trustpilot A/S. Legend Fires are a UK company offers a large range of gas fires featuring the very latest technology. A Gazco fire creates a focal point for your living space adding both warmth and character to a room, even if you don’t have a chimney. The balanced flue version of the Logic HE is similar to the Gazco E-Box but has a shallower depth meaning it is better suited to flat wall installations. Delivery The popular Gazco Logic HE Stockton gas fire cleverly combines the looks of a traditional stove with the convenience and instant heat of a gas fire with the very latest, innovative features. Logic gas fires Designed to warm the very heart of your home, a Gazco Inset Gas Fire brings you the promise of cosy comfort throughout those long winter nights; even if you don’t have a chimney! The ‘Wave’ brings a touch of sleek sophistication to any modern or contemporary setting. Wave Inset Gas Fires The contemporary Gazco Wave inset gas fire uses smooth curves to great visual effect as the minimalist styling sits in harmony with the angular frames surrounding it. A very happy customer. This inset gas fire exudes contemporary style and is available in versions to suit most homes. Rude/ ignorant and not willing to help. It’s simple, modern and acts as a great feature to the room. The purpose built stone hearth and the fire are a fantastic addition to our lounge and we are very pleased with the result. It's now just a fancy wall. With a large choice of fronts available you … Absolutely love the design and have had no issues - until this year. It features a curved … This versatile, Balanced Flue Gas Fire boasts a vast array of trim & fret options to suit any interior. The guide below aims to offer assistance in your pursuit to find the perfect gas fire. The Gazco Designio gas fire has a smart finish with clean lines. Reviews (0) The Gazco Logic HE 16″ inset gas fire is the most efficient of the Logic range. Utterly devastated. Shown here with the Stockton cast fascia, the E-Box is a versatile appliance which also has the option to be combined with numerous trims, frets or fascias in the Gazco range. WOW what a stove. All our reviews are verified via independent review site TrustPilot, so you can be assured every comment is from a real customer and their feedback is genuine. Go for one of the new breeds of high efficiency gas fires and it will provide a cost-effective solution in heating your living room. Had a Gazco Vogue MIDI Midline (LPG) installed yesterday, replacing a wood burner of similar size and style. The high efficiency gas fire provides a maximum of 89 percent efficiency & 4.5kW of heat. The Studio gas fire has the added benefit of allowing you to choose the interior finish - black, cream or brick-effect. The conventional flue, glass-fronted model is only available in Studio 1 or Studio 2 sizes. I have given one star because I could not give zero. It is just like a gas ring that hasn’t lit properly and catches, goes out and tries again. The open-fronted model is suitable to install below a television due to its lower heat output whilst the glass-fronted and balanced flue model offer impressive heat outputs. Invest in the right fire and you will enjoy many years of warming ambience. The Legend Evora HE is their first high efficiency gas fire and has proved to be very popular. I always recommend friends and family to buy gazco products. A new addition to inset gas fires is the 'Plus' range of open-fronted fires from Flavel. The HE offers a choice of either coals, white stones or … Click on the images to go directly to the product page. An open-fronted model, a high efficiency, glass-fronted model and a balanced flue model for homes without a chimney or flue. You can choose a minimalist, frameless finish by going for the Studio Edge model or combine with one of the Gazco's trims or a Gazco fascia frame. Jetmaster 1500; Gazco Logic HE Glass Fronted Gas Fire; Rinnai Neo Inbuilt Premium Classic; Greengas Heat & Glo Red 40 AU; Warmington General Double Flue We once again have no fire and are relying on an electric Dimplex heater in our front room. Being the latest in the Logic gas fires range, the Logic HE gas fires have a glass front and boast the highest efficiency of all the Logic Fires at up to 89%. The Ravel 16”x 22” is a high efficiency glass fronted fire suitable for class 1 and class 2 flues. New Timber Cavity Option with Zero Clearance Box or Retro Fit Option to existing masonry cavity.. Gazco’s new innovative slide system has a subtly designed, ergonomic lever that is situated to the top right hand side of the fire’s frame for easy access. The latest in the Logic™ gas fires range, the Logic™ HE has a glass front and boasts the highest efficiency of all the Logic™ Fires at up to 89%. Whilst most other wall mounted balanced flue gas fires require you to build a false wall into your room to accommodate the depth, the Verine Marcello is a ´hang-on-the-wall´ gas fireplace and can be fitted on to any exterior wall. Having searched, I now notice that other people have experienced the same issue , Absolutely brilliant wide range of fires. Oozing classical charm, this gas fire is designed for all flue types and has a remote control option. Product faulty twice. It throws a lot more heat into the room. I bought a Gazco logic open fronted fire a couple of months ago from a local shop. Due to most new build properties not having a chimney or flue, the Verine Marcello is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a 'hole-on-the-wall' gas fireplace that doesn't require any additional building work to accommodate the appliance depth. Harpoon House, Sharp Street, Middleton Manchester M24 1AD, United KingdomGEO: 53.546783N , -2.197814W. Available with either a coal or pebble fuel effect, the Gazco E-Box offers a heat output of 3.8kW with 76% efficiency. Like other open-fronted gas fireplaces, the Vertex produces decorative heat only so would not be suitable for anyone looking for a fire to heat their room. The full Crystal Fires product range include a choice of inset gas fires in ultra-slim, slimline and full depth with fascia & trim options in brass, chrome or brushed steel. The Gazco Studio gas fireplace is available in 3 versions. Gazco offer a stunning collection of traditional and contemporary hearth mounted, built-in & wall mounted gas and electric fires. Brilliant service good advice and so helpful. It comes with a almost invisible glass front and draws cool air in the top of the appliance, passes it over hot surfaces in the convection chamber and emits it back into the room … This energy efficient model offers a heat output of up to 3.8kW and is operated by a manual control located at the bottom of the appliance. I would never buy anything from them again and would recommend others not to either. The Orbis HE also has the option to upgrade to a convenient slide control or even a hand-held remote control which is fully sequential so it lights the pilot light as well as giving you full control of the flame height. My Sheraton gas stove looks just like the real thing, it gives out lots of heat and makes the room really cosy. I have to say that I am absolutely over the moon with it. Gazco Logic HE Gas Fire & Flue & Flue Package. There is the option to inset this model into the wall cavity for a ´flush´ look by using the optional wall plate. Providing real flame ambience which is instantly controlled either using the manual controls or optional remote systems. This is the worst company for customer service I have ever come across. Well done Gasgo/Stovax.Peter, Sadly can’t give a zero star review. The Verine Marcello balanced flue gas fire has been extremely popular for many years. Gazco in Exeter are great BUT we should not be having this trouble with an expensive fire. Lovely inset wood burning stove. This was done in a matter of days he even came back to install it. Great product and if it is anything like our old Gazco model I have no doubt it … Just had a new gazco loft installed a week ago and after installation it didn’t turn on. Gazco Huntingdon 20 Balanced Flue Gas Stove. This does however, mean it´s a extremely popular choice with customers looking for a gas fire to install a flat screen television above. The Evora is glass-fronted gas fire that is available with wither a separate trim and fret or one of Legend Fires one-piece fascia frames. The HE offers a choice of either logs†, coal or white stone or upgradeable coloured glass bead∆ fuel effects. The Logic Hotbox is an open fronted fire suitable for a normal chimney, Pre fabricated flue or even certain pre-cast flues. He arranged a replacement part and then came back again to make sure that everything was fitted correctly. It also looks amazing, modern and stylish whilst maintaining that real fire appearance. Gazco Studio 2 Slimline Gas Fire Package. The standard model is operated by manual Piezo control plus there is an option to upgrade to fully sequential remote control which gives full control of the fire including on/off and flame height. I've tried to contact the sellar and get no response. Other wall-mounted models in Verine's range include the Atina which is basically a smaller version of the Vertex, the Verine Fontana HE which is a glass-fronted, high efficiency fire and the Verine Meridian which offers a portrait option similar to the kind of gas fires normally found in Europe. A popular feature of the Caress is the gentle, curved top trim. Thank you for your review. Is there anything that can be done ASAP. As usual fine for two years and then refuses to light. The HE offers a choice of either coals, white stones or upgradeable coloured glass beads. I have a wood burner which has had issues since installation. Their engineer told me there was an issue during his visit, but Stovax denied this when I requested a resolution. We have been dealers for Stovax/Gazco from 1981 when our business was established. Gazco Logic Gas Fires are an affordable and high quality range of inset gas fires.They are available in three versions, as the Logic Hotbox gas fires, Logic Convector gas fires and Logic HE gas fires. Supplier has now told me I need to await your feedback which won’t happen for 3 weeks so now I’m left with no fire over the Christmas. This statement design makes clear reference to Art Deco architectural styles with a clean, streamlined look that adds further impact to this versatile gas fire range. First class service. The Ravel is sure to impress, with it’s under log burners and stunning fuel bed layout. I would advise anyone else out there to look elsewhere when buying a stove. Thank you so much Stovax for producing this wonderful stove. Gazco Fires. One of the most well known 'hole-in-the-wall' gas fires. You can also select an open- or glass-fronted gas fire with flueless or balanced flue system. I chose the Gazco Logic HE to replace an old back boiler with … Thank you for your review. The Chartwell inset gas fire is compatible with the existing Logic™ range and is available in a choice of Matt Black, Highlight Polished, Polished Brass-effect and Polished Chrome-effect. Diabolical. The balanced flue version of the Logic HE is similar to the Gazco E-Box but has a shallower depth meaning it is better suited to flat wall installations. I purchased a Radiance steel electric fire for my dining room. The warmth from this has exceeded my expectations It also has the option to combine with a 4 sided fascia allowing you to fit the Evora gas fire raised up on the wall. There is also a balanced flue model of this fire for homes without a chimney or flue. The Gazco Logic HE balanced flue gas fire is a high efficiency appliance with an efficiency of between 81 and 99%. Our Gazco Riva2 670 Designio2 built-in gas fire was installed in June 2013. You can select from our wide selection of sizes, colours, control systems and fuel effects for your inset gas fire. Just love it. For balance flue fires in residences without chimneys, the efficiency can be 86 percent, with the fire producing a heat output of 3.4kW. The Logic HE is only available with a manual control and offers heat output up to 3.8kW with efficiency of 76%. I sell these fire and any issues we do get, get resolved hence why I like to sell them. This package includes remote, black glass lining & frame, plus zero clearance box. Offered with a coal or contemporary white stone fuel effect, the Logic HE is shown here with the popular Designio fascia. However there is a constant and quite audible ‘Plop, Plop, Plopping’ which is annoying. Terrible experience and will not be using them again. It's easy to become bewildered by all the gas fires available on the market today. HOWEVER, we have a real issue with the programmable remote control, described by Gazco as one of their “state of the art features”. The warmth from this has exceeded my expectations. Stovax are the only company we recommend, the products are good quality and we know we have the back up of a highly efficient team.