No. Website 02 7901 6845. Pour 1L of water into the atomizer. Dzorwulu, Accra Dose per Acre 1 Day Before Spray NS 1 Day After Spray 3 Day After Spray 7 Day After Spray Mospilan 20SP Acetamaprid 89.81 96.24 57.69 150 g (4.48) (0.19)d (0.23)e (1.81)bc Confidor 200SL Imidacloprid 65.94 67.49 63.44 80-250 ml (3.81) (0.54)cd (1.69)cde (1.33)c -- Imidacloprid acts by interfering with the transmission of impulses in the nerve system of insects. Pager has trans laminar action, which allows control of hidden pests in plant canopy & has vapour action and works well in dense crops and in large fields. The advantage is that it is sold in packages of different weights of 1 g, 5 g and 400 g, which allows you to choose the most suitable option. Tổng quan; Các Nguyên Tắc … Apply evenly in a watering can to seedling trays 1 day before transplanting. %PDF-1.5 Fertility enhancer 4. Thanks to its OD formulation (oil dispersion), it has an optimal adherence, perfect resistance to leaching and has an increased penetration potential. Add 1 dose of 30ml of Confidor 200 OD and fill with water up to 10L to treat ½ acre (2000m2). Côte d'Ivoire $19.00 Add to cart For Sale Add to Wishlist Quick view. It is characterized by excellent systemic action that allows the protection of organs in the growth phase. �a'�3xP8b�h������[~���q����D����|�(�eNA�G��k� �{-ym�,3�e�. Description: Imidacloprid 200 SL (17.8 % w/w) Imidacloprid belongs to chemical class of neonicotinoid insecticides. 3 0 obj Use 5 atomisers/ha. x��=�r�8���?�Qڊi�F�S)Wylg�S�8���S���ȴ���J�f�u���mw � i[9��-R ��74�pt�6z�����(9:�~>=�~�����+1�i����3%��E��X�H�,�Y�q��Y]�_�?�cvr����\�N����}��r�����b����_�?;��qש�i�X��?f!X�b�|؏g��7��Z�Q6�c�ð��o'�? Technical - Imidacloprid MRP/Litre Dose/Acre Cost/Acre Bayer - Confidor/Confidor Super 2,400 250ml 600 Rallis - Tata Mida 1,800 250ml 450 PI Industries - Jumbo 1,300 250ml 325 Technical - Flubendiamide MRP/100ml Dose/Acre Cost/Acre Confidor® can be applying by: foliar, soil and stem application particularly against sucking insects for fruits, vegetables, grapes and arable crops. ������[bS������4��x�4������"4a�� neonicotinoids). Mount the spray nozzle so the spray is directed into the furrow just before the seed are covered. dKE�:|O��ws5�6\-�|v �������i���"�γ�w|�v�z9׳��@��s���,���ީ��J �9KfUK�.�{���f-2+��:�Gygy�d�c������8��q��?ג�Xu��H���mP3�����8�8e Read about company. Add 1 dose of 30ml of Confidor 200 OD and fill with water up to 10L to treat ½ acre (2000m2). Confidor Guard 1.05 L Effect on Yield Rugby 100 G 24.7 kg Figure 3. įx��u�}Ҭ�X ��� ˏ�r��Β$G?�/�~N��᫓��@�o}zt��:MXvrĤi*����%�<3� H��H��WG��s�]�$���A����GSH/ts&'��Jn@�S��i���E�����K8X��&�1;^���(9�Ɇ_�ʒ����.����~�&`*�U��V�� ��> ��a�|�&jy �R,Vw8�{T/x����J��IϢ�C��:���I�,��(db���|L�-d�������_WL�m&��,kv>@v��)�kX4 ��ȃ�X��K��r{�)7��g�Ҫ�>̀'����������7��[�n�D�"��,:=��ffќ�/pG�����k6�1� ��ʤA��m�9� ��,�}$�ۆ:͒h? Pager is a broad spectrum insecticide which controls sucking complex and mites as well. For the systemic control of insect pests on flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit trees, vegetables, and lawns in the home garden. ... CONFIDOR 200 OD: ... 1 litre per acre in two or three sprays. Fax: +225 (0) 21 35 94 95, BCS – Crop Protection Shake the product well before use. General Conditions of Use. In rats subjected to a two year feeding study, no observable effect was seen at 100 ppm [ vague ] . Since imidacloprid is efficacious at very low levels (nanogram and picogram), it can be applied at lower concentrations (e.g., 0.05–0.125 lb/acre or 55–140 g/ha) than other insecticides. Confidor is systemically taken up from the tablet via the plant roots to control insect pests. ��A�j�|�|Xd���Eh�����7�F����}}�T$%"�������+ҒQ��U?3^D������� Use 20 - 30 ml/2.5 L of water per 1000 plants. If rainfall is unlikely or irrigation is not possible, a post-treatment application of up to 2.0L of water over the treated area per vine is recommended. Tổng quan; Tin Tức - Sự Kiện; Thư Viện Ảnh Sự Kiện; Hướng Dẫn An Toàn. 2000/2001 Figure 3 shows significantly reduced numbers of third-instar Childers canegrub larvae in Confidor treated plots compared to the untreated control. I… Childers canegrub control with Confidor at 54-55 DAT. Empty packages well and perforate them, burn them at a place far from your residence and animal stables or bury them in a 30cm hole at 50 m away from any water body or throw them in a landfill dump while complying with local regulations. Confidor Guard fits into many IPM systems extremely well because of inherent selectivity, low dose rates, and absence of off-site effects. Marcory – Zone 4C – Stran ne obstaja Se opravičujemo, vendar stran, ki jo iščete ni več dostopna oziroma je ni bilo mogoče najti. Pour 1L of water into the atomizer. "Confidor" is ineffective against spider mites, since it is not one of the acaricides. Composition of Confidor. Confidor ® is the first compound of the group of active ingredients from the chloronicotinyl insecticides (syn. ^�XC�R�B�#�ĩ�6��g�Kt� ������u4+o~�0�$v�H�O戀q������"Qq Use 5 atomisers/ha. �v i��~KK��� �b�����X�jS`i�r���9@�&8���Q'���1��3F�mZ~�и�3�P܇�FD�~+DC�K.31�w��i��y�>�nvޞ�@�';�O��ݷo��cx|�_�FoAB�����_�}H��G?�ҙ���41���4�g1!ړY,�EJ"����� The world of agriculture is full of surprises: extreme weather conditions, pest infestations and plant diseases loom as a constant threat. Shake the product well before use. Re-use prohibited. Confidor Oil, 100 ml este un insecticid Bayer cu imidachloprid cu efect asupra albinelor si nepotrivite pentru cultura bio contra acarieni, afide de la Magazinul Agricol Botanistii Mixture of contact & systemic insecticide, Dosage – 80 ml per acre, Thiamethoxam (12.6%) + Lambdacyhalothrin (9.5%) ZC, Excellent product fo.. Login to see prices Ex Tax: Login to see prices ARIZE B-TE1; ARIZE TEJ Vàng; Tin Tức - Sự Kiện. P.O.BOX: KA PMB 177, Airport, Accra The acute inhalation LD50 in rats was not reached at the greatest attainable concentrations, 69 milligrams per cubic meter of air as an aerosol, and 5,323 mg/m³ of air as a dust. <> Maksimalni broj tretiranja u sezoni: 1 Dodatne informacije: Ograničenja: Sredstvo CONFIDOR SL 200 smije se primijeniti samo u zaštićenom prostoru koji je trajni staklenik. 1 0 obj Confidor® has an acute, contact and stomach effect and has a mode of action, different to organophosphates, carbamates and pyrethroids, acting on the same target side as acetylcholine receptor agonists. Confidor ® is the first compound of the group of active ingredients from the chloronicotinyl insecticides (syn. Apply Ridomil Gold SL as an in-furrow spray in 3-7 gal per acre of water at planting. Apex Square, 1st floor Dose per acre . Androgenic 2. Toxicity WHO classification: III / Xn, N PHI: 14 days DL 50 (oral) 2.500 mg/kg DL 50 (dermal) > 4.000 mg/kg Packaging 30 ml – 250 ml – 1 L Re-use prohibited. Pour 1L of water into the atomizer. Za to obstaja več razlogov: It is endowed with a broad spectrum of action, particularly against biting and sucking insects and leaf miners. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Store 02 9747 5713. Tél: +225 21 21 61 11 atomizer. Pour 1L of water into the atomizer. Because of its systemic mode of action, pests can be targeted with minimal possibility of disturbance to most non-target organisms. RCI/Cameroon/Nigeria: <> 1 Litre per acre sprayed before ploughing or planting at 200 mls / 15lt using Matabi Knapsack Sprayer. Antioxidant Himalaya Confido Tablet acts as Androgenic, Aphrodisiac, Anxiolytic, Fertility enhancer, spermatogenic and antioxidant agent. ... mealybugs and scale. PLEASE CONSIDER CONFIDOR TABLETS OR CONGUARD BELOW WITH THE SAME ACTIVE INGREDIENT! Angle rue Pierre et Marie Curie/Rue Paul Langevin Buy it online from Nexles Europe. stream <>>> Confidor Energy, 100 ml este un insecticid Bayer cu deltametrin, imidachloprid cu efect asupra albinelor si nepotrivite pentru cultura bio contra afide, paduchele cenusiu, trips de la Magazinul Agricol Botanistii It exhibits excellent systemic properties and a significant residual activity. Confidor 200-SL se koristi: U proizvodnji paprike i paradajza u zaštićenom prostoru, za suzbijanje zelene breskvine vaši (Myzus persicae) i bele leptiraste vaši (Trialeurodes vaporariorum), u količini primene 0,5 - 0,75 l/ha (5-7 ml na 100 m2 ), na početku formiranja kolonija lisnih vaši i tretiranjem posle cvetanja. Ghana. Compatibility: Consult the local label/distributor. Add 1 dose (31.25ml) of Confidor 200 OD and fill with water up to 10L to treat ¼ ha. 10 Does Confidor Guard kill all canegrubs in sugarcane crops? Gokshura improves vasodilation of penile arteries and relaxes erectile tissue. 2 0 obj $9.00 Out of stock Sharp Shooter Complete Bug … Aphrodisiac 3. endobj Use at least 50 L of mix per tree up to a tree diameter of 400-500 mm and then 100 L per tree for larger trees. Confidor ® is the first compound of the group of active ingredients from the chloronicotinyl insecticides (syn. 30 BP 572 Abidjan 30 �g%k���@�T:;�6��4�u��v��eq2�38�"V$bx^# 4/32/�����v 6C�1?��:NU�$��,$-aacB�AR\�\4�vo^��?G=9�x�+;�A����6g�9^���6g �|XRͳw�]H�Dd����fj*�İ�4������~Uҙ"Jr"�gt�v�� �2]����×d}`e��n{]�7�;��n�* �Ri�U��5���往�+�o�^���c�.8׎Ȳ�a!g$��t����doKM��l9M���$n�d`{���>MJ!�3.��~����i: ���� - Mix the required dose in sufficient water to adequately treat each tree. Krastavac (u zaštićenom prostoru) (Cucumis sativus) Karenca: 3 dana: duhanov štitasti moljac (Bemisia tabaci) Primjena: u koncentraciji 0,075 % ili 75 ml sredstva u 100 l vode ili 7,5 ml sredstva u 10 l vode. NO - 6 Motorway Extension Sanas Hitech Agro Services - Offering Confidor Insecticide, 50 Ml , for Agriculture at Rs 160/50ml in Pune, Maharashtra. LD 50 /LC 50: A common measure of acute toxicity is the lethal dose (LD 50) or lethal concentration (LC 50) that causes death (resulting from a single or limited exposure) in 50 percent of the treated animals.LD 50 is generally expressed as the dose in milligrams (mg) of chemical per kilogram (kg) of body weight. *See label for the complete table of common row spacings and application rate of Ridomil Gold SL. Confido has following medicinal properties: 1. Confidor ® 200 SC Insecticide A very popular choice for foliar application on many vegetable crops, Confidor® 200 is valued for its powerful insect control. endobj Dosage: 20mls per Matabi Knapsack sprayer. Anxiolytic 5. CONFIDOR 100SL; CONFIDOR 200SL; DECIS REPEL 2.5EC; SHERPA 25EC; SUNATO 800WG; Hạt Giống Lúa Lai. Using Confidor on Lettuce. endobj Using Confidor on Onions �������u����n��*��{��;Zun"�QД����2���Tn���� 4�UY 'a�F�nq JG���M��~�Ff�c'h����~>%\9�����HIz�H��`V�>_�G�4��-�4A����$�[�Ln�2:�5�!w����4�b����o�[2D�J�Q�6W�X`q�6��vW���-j��e��� Ġ�h��'���ݗ��]�b�����v�MS�W�Z���q�,Vq�e��k�l"��a� 2.0 gm / Lit . Pour 1L of water into the atomizer. Pour 1L of water into the atomizer. Add 1 dose of 30ml of Confidor 200 OD and fill with water up to 10L to treat ½ acre (2000m2). Insect Pest: Aphids . Add 1 dose (31.25ml) of Confidor 200 OD and fill with water up to 10L to treat ¼ ha. To find the amount of liquid concentrate to apply per 1000 square feet when label recommendations are given as pints per acre: teaspoons/1000 sq ft = recommended pints/acre x 2.20* or milliliters/1000 sq ft = recommended pints/acre x 10.9* 4. CONFIDOR 200 O-TEQ acts on the nervous system of insects (action on synapses and neurotransmitters) by contact and ingestion. neonicotinoids). Confidor Energy, 100 ml is a Bayer insecticide with Imidacloprid, Deltamethrin, has effect on bees and is Not suitable for bio crops, against aphids, cabbage aphid, thrips. Pack size 250 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg . Dosage: 0.5 mL/litre: Application Per Acre: 100 mL: Brand: Bayer: Manufacturer: BAYER CROP SCIENCE LIMITED: Pests: No ����m 䍃jK Get contact details and address | ID: 17561770548 Ghana/Liberia: Shake the product well before use. Features & Benefits . Childers, Qld. neonicotinoids). Confidor ® Super Imidacloprid 350 SC (30.5% w/w) Confidor Super combines the proven properties of Imidacloprid, one of the world's bestselling insecticides, with a superior improved suspension concentrate formulation enabling better absorption and resulting in longer persistence. Inject mix to a depth of 20-30 cm in a minimum of 4 injection sites per tree, 0.75 to 1.5 m apart, arranged in an evenly spaced grid to just beyond the drip line. It acts by exciting How to apply: foliar application for vegetables use 600-800 lit /ha according to plant size. \�F`��T����ͺB��mv�-*'�1j��j�fS���4X˦)��M!XO���4��@�y^�A�m!��Mf��w�ԏ;�%J��[�� К��bg\PP�;�/vF�`u*#��/� .^����=��m�c���ktH�P����\`��6��?����b���d���`|*�ѩ-MCr^�,E��q�us���ҴخI�w��f�iNM?� Ƶ��ь�8wfka�^,��ѠFcy{ T(�D�%bPQ.��w���w�oP�7�bWn��BI��>c�S V��E���VD��6ۚ���_�F�#�;�c6 ��b� }C��P������G��������lF��q��= �)�ݔH��z��� PRODUCT NAME KAMIKAZE FARM TOOLS TARGET USE %���� Larvae remaining in plots treated with Confidor were Sustainable Crop Solutions. The drug is available in the form of water-soluble granules, emulsion and concentrate. Ghana/Liberia: Special dropper gives exact pre-measured dose each time. Bayer CropScience in West and Central Africa, » 4 0 obj Its Androgenic effects are attributed to its ingredients mainly Gokshura, Kapikachhu and Jeevanti.