Sometimes his “real self” comes out in the game world. He is good at everything. He has fiery spiky black hair and beautiful dark blue eyes. With his cute black hair and beautiful sharp brown eyes, he attracts girls fast. When I look at Wizard Howl, I remember all those princes from fairy tales. It’ not balance, What about guys from Inuyasha? Also, Kuroo is an intelligent and reliable captain. Furthermore, being a celebrity, Victor shows us his flirtatious side. Providing for them is very noble of him. OK BUT LIKE WHERE R THE JOJO CHARACTERS THO?? Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. Some even say that he is the hottest guy in his class. Another cool thing is his tattoo, the Hunter’s Seal. Also idk if anyone knows this anime but Kisshu from Tokyo Mew Mew is probably my biggest anime crush ever >////<. In school, he is the captain of the volleyball team and also the pacesetter. Due to his fascinating look and great body figure, he deserves a spot on this top 100 hot anime guys list. With the except of Yato. When it comes to his personality, Gintoki is very lazy and is quite fond of gambling. Besides, he has shown that he also has a perverted side. Furthermore, Suna is very kind, cool, mysterious, popular, charismatic, calm, intelligent, and charming. Tadase Hotori. From European and World Championships to Grand Prix Finals. Sanji is a slim but muscular man. I love men in a suit! Moreover, he has black eyes and quirky brown hair that combines backward. Erwin is a serious and intelligent man who knows how to plan things smart. Sadistic to most and only submissive to one, this attractive young swordsman has a variety of smiles depending on the situation. They did that for a simple reason. He has that “something” in his look. Dedicated and heroic (although sometimes a little strange), Kei is a brown haired heartthrob that keep surprising. One of his great lovers. Kogami is tall, muscular, and has short messy black hair. Besides, he also has good personality traits. Check this out! His intellect and photographic memory make him so hot! Due to that, some teammates and opponents dislike him. He falls in love with almost every one of them. If that’s not cool, I don’t know what it is. Others also think that he is cold-hearted and hostile. Nevertheless, when needed, he takes a more serious attitude. (DragonBallSuper) or even goku in Ultra Instinct, he looks soo hot. No wonder he’s on this top 100+ hot anime guys list. Furthermore, Levi rarely shows any emotions, Levi is exceptionally calm, speaks bluntly, has dark and vulgar jokes, and is a cleaning freak. To put it in other words, Minato is more cunning and collected. I think all the girls like guys with a protective side of them. Well, this is one of those types of men. Nevertheless, the majority of people, including me, sees the considerable resemblance between him and Sasuke. In other words, his right side is white, and his left side is red. i think giyuu deserve a place among the top five way more than yato..>-< ~ <3 ~, Shibuya Kazuya from Ghost hunt should be on here too uwu, didn’t mean to reply just meant to leave my own comment, Omg!! They say that his appearance is quite similar to his beautiful mother. Sorry bakugo and over haul are mine lol but seriously they are really attractive especially bakugo. He is also regarded as unambitious when it comes to cooking. Eren’s Titan Powers Explained! He has somewhat wavy short brown hair and brown eyes. Besides his mesmerizing eyes, he also has beautiful hair. His face and eyes look empty. Seiya has spiky black hair, gray eyes, and all the Goddesses love him. Isshiki was born in a traditional Japanese family. He also worked hard as a child and became a local champion in spinning tops. He also enjoys conflicts but not taking part in them. Rin Okumura is a very handsome young man. … also please be able to explain why and make sure to add a pic! In addition to his great looks, Howl is very kind, generous and powerful. “ He wears a bad-boy image, which often gets him in a fight. Besides his good looks, what’s even better about him is his personality. Many consider him to be quite cool, although cold at the beginning of the series. He is a pureblood vampire with a noble lineage and even the head of the Kuran family. His personality changes over time, and he became more gentle. What I like most about Toga Yagari are the times when he is wearing a cowboy hat. It’s Sebastian Michaelis from the anime and manga “Black Butler.” He is a demon butler. There are 20 of them here and they're as hot as ever! But what about the brown-haired guys? Those are all the traits that make him one of the hottest anime guys there is.  But, besides that, Ukai is also very handsome. He does his best to serve his master. What’s more, he has intelligence and creativity, all at once!  Because of that, he is quite strong with his deadly love for art. Have I already mentioned that I love basketball players? Besides, when it comes to girls, Saitou is very shy. Ignatov is also a tall, strong, intelligent man with a keen sense of justice. He is also very calm and confident. Check this out! He is the main protagonist in the “Cowboy Bebop” anime and manga. But, a lot of people hate him to some degree because of his unpleasant personality. With his messy brown hair and golden-brown eyes, he is just adorable. He is both loved and hated. But, as the story started to develop, he grew on me. Kuroo Tetsurou is also a high school volleyball player. In our 6th place is the character who is considered to be one of the hot anime guys by many girls. Some have blue hair; many black, and many more of them blond. But, Tokiomi is a very manipulative and arrogant man. Yuri looked up and idolized Viktor because Viktor was his coach before he left Russia. He does not smile much except for when he sees Yuki. But, on other occasions, he has a very calm and stoic attitude. Furthermore, Takafumi is almost always serious. Another hot ghoul from the “Tokyo Ghoul” anime and manga. Image Of Anime Boy Purple Eyes Informasi Dapat Didefinisikan Sebagai. Howl takes excellent care of his appearance.  He has blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair.  His hair was also ginger and raven black, and he still looked good! And, we are going to start with Shizuo Heiwajima. What’s also amazing about Edward are his golden eyes. Unfortunately, when he’s not on the ice, he is quite rude and considered as a punk. Nevertheless, we can’t deny the fact that he is one of the hot anime guys. Additionally, Ichigo is very compassionate and empathetic. The reason why he joined this school is to protect his sister. On the 7th place of our hot anime guys is Ichigo Kurosaki from the anime and manga “Bleach.” He is also unique. Like most of the modern-type vampires, Laito is a sweltering guy. He is also very fashionable, and we could say that he looks like a model. Extremely smart and talented, his secret love for the girl who considers him her rival is extremely cute to watch. Freed from the anime and manga “Fairy Tail” has such a unique appearance. Seeing that, it’s no wonder he is on this top 100+ hot anime guys list. Also, Uta is a true artist. On the other hand, he can also transform himself into a Black Lynx. When Yuri is on the ice, he shows great beauty and grace. Not to mention that he is also skilled with his ice molding magic. But, on the other hand, their personalities are different. The fact that almost every girl, even the girls his best friend Takeo likes, ends up falling in love with Suna proves that.  Nevertheless, their friendship is still good because he cares about Takeo and would do anything for him. Definitely hottest! He is more ruthless and brutal. He worked very hard to gain this position. contest!!! His passion for justice makes him very attractive. Pretty handsome, young man, born as a Wilhelm in a prosperous German family, everything was not good. ok no for me: no chizz but i seriously look like the old haruhi from ouran. His piercing stare can make anyone wonder what he's analyzing... and hoping it's you. He deserved his place on this top 100+ anime guys because of his cute and gentle nature with a dangerous side. - good luck! Here is Ranker's list of the best brown hair anime characters, as voted on by anime fans like you. Because of his cool personality, Eishi can win the heart of any girl. Shokugeki no Soma – detailed anime review. post a anime boy with blonde hair and brown blue green or yellow eyes!!! Thanks for gathering this, we understand that it’s hard to list them so, there are some lapses. However, that is still something that could be debated. He is so hot! Not to mention that we can often see him wearing a suit, which is appealing. Furthermore, he has five silver earrings. He is very social, charismatic, and flirtatious. And here is another one! He was also a former setter in the school team. Discover (and save!) Besides all of that, many would agree that Kakashi is a handsome man. Kyoya is also vice-president of the Host Club. Notice at Collection But, all in all, he is a very nice guy, especially when you consider his background. Furthermore, Ayato has a passion for torture devices. Zoro is quite lazy, and he likes to sleep. He also puts some headband or sunglasses on his forehead. Some even suggest that he is Hispanic. He is a powerful, moral, and genuinely good-natured man. It seems everywhere you look, there are attractive anime boys. The majority of females attending basketball games are there to cheer for Kise. Besides, he is not just any character, but the brother of previously mentioned Dietfried Bougainvillea. He appears very manly. Because of that, and both of their determination and talent, Aomine and Kagami are sworn rivals on the field. But, he can sometimes appear as arrogant and cold. And here is one of my favorite ones. I like him even more, when he ties his hair in the middle of a tense basketball game. Or, in other words, a cowboy. We all know “Free!” is a real lady bait with all those hot anime characters. Behind his warm gaze, Aizen hides a dark secret. Kaneki was also shy and reserved towards others. However, once he enrolls in school, he fails to do simple magic tasks. Shiba is the main character of The Irregular at Magic Highschool. Like a dream come true!